Wool From New Zealand Making Waves In Danish Carpet

We all love our carpet. We hire companies such as carpet cleaning in Perth to make sure that our carpets are always clean and to lengthen its lifetime as much as possible. Now another carpet manufacturing company based in Denmark is making a name for itself because of a material it is using from New Zealand. Ege is importing the special wool in order to be used in producing its new innovative product – printed carpet.

This is a part of the integrity program developed by PGG Wrightson Wool which Ege recently partnered with. The goal of the collaboration is to make wool blend that has the best quality which can be used in the carpet printing line of Ege.

The general manager of PGG Wrightson Wool, Palle Petersen who is assigned in the in-house export and marketing branch Bloch and Behrens Ltd, said that they prefer to use printing because it is possible for them to create greater details. These are then used in creating a carpet through traditional method of manufacturing but at a lower cost.

In order for the printed wool carpets to be the best, the whitest wool has to be used. This raw material coming from New Zealand came out on top compared with other wool with regards to capacity in absorbing dye and its whiteness. Before that, Ege was able to create yarn with higher bulk through a combination of British wool and New Zealand wool.

Mr. Peterson revealed that they are working hand-in-hand with Ege in order to come out with a particular wool blend that will satisfy the requirements thus the British wool was replaced with Perendale wool from New Zealand.

Now the company is only using 100 per cent wool from New Zealand. The wool has been blended before it is scoured which is important in creating a consistent quality. The company is proud for the materials they are using that carpet cleaning in Perth find it one of the easiest carpets to clean. Aside from this, Ege has other products with different combination of wool and raw synthetic materials.