Why Do Bars Offer Happy Hour Promotion In Sukhumvit?

Why would someone ask that? This is probably the reason why you’re now starting to read this article. New applications may have popped up nowadays especially when you want to focus on connecting customers with bars during happy hours and promoting new discounts. For many, it might even be a question when the best hour for any day may be. For establishment owners, you will want to create a happy hour to make your business generate more money. The happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit will truly help you get more people coming into your business and possibly have more revenues. Here are the reasons why:

  • Attracting new customers

If you offer a persuasive happy hour, you can have people coming to test your business. Many people want to know the best place they can hang out and surely with adequate discounts in their favourite place, it can be a sure hit.

  • Customer loyalty

It feels really great when a customer gets rewarded for coming to a certain place again and again. So for the regular customers, it’s a chance to show them your appreciation. You can introduce them new products like some cocktails which has never been tried before. You can feature your happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit and make them hooked at these hours.

  • Girls

Yes, I know, but this can be the main reason why your bar can succeed or fail. If you have adequate females working at your bars, guys can decide whether they should come or not. Let’s face the fact that most guys want to buy girls a drink, and that’s can’t happen if they are not there. So to have guys mingling at your bar, you can have a girl drink free happy hour with them.

  • Slow times

There are instances where sales in your establishment are slower and will need an initiative to make it livelier. So why not settle for a happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit for that purpose. Here you can have various people coming in from home or work and having a great drink of beer on your couch.