When The Blacksmith Shop Was A Gathering Place For Folks

One of the most important tools used in blacksmithing is the blacksmith hammers that can shape metal without leaving marks on the surface. Different objects can be created from wrought iron and steel like gates, agricultural implements, sculptures, decorative items, weapons and many more.

The blacksmith shop used to be gathering point of folks in Lake County. They would go to blacksmith when there is a need for a new point on the plow share, when the wagon wheel has to be re-strapped, when a horse has to be shod and when there is a need for iron repairs. Folks believed in the blacksmith’s strength and skills.

The blacksmith shop is a single story building with a wide front door and dusty windows at the sides. On the floor that is made from heavy planking is a strong magnet that can easily pick up scattered nails and pieces of coal and coke.

Years ago, there was no electricity or gas in Lake County so that the forge has to be filled up with coal or coke. You can hear the din of the blacksmith hammers, the roar of the forge and the neigh of the horse while it is being shod. Pungent odour is released in the air when the shoe is pressed against the horse’s hoof to gauge the fit. Nails are driven into the hoof and clinched so that shoe will hold. The horse does not feel any pain.

The busy blacksmith shop contains different tools from tongs, hammers, clippers, chisels, harness parts and harnesses. The tools are always ready whenever the blacksmith needs them for a wagon wheel. There is also a good stock of horseshoes along with horseshoe nails. Even when it gets dark, the blacksmith continues to hammer horseshoes into shape. You will hear the din of the hammer as it smashes repeatedly against the iron.

Many consider blacksmithing a thing of the past; however it is still being practiced today. You can find blacksmith hammers and other tools being sold online for those who want to work with metals. There are still many people like hobbyists who enjoy the art of blacksmithing.