What It’s Like to Teach in a Secondary School in Thailand

So, you have finally made a leap, you have purchased your plane ticket, moved to Bangkok, applied for a TEFL course, and later find yourself qualified to teach English or any other subjects in Thailand. You try to measure your options – would you want to work in private international school in Bangkok, be a freelance teacher, or apply for a job to work in one of the countless private and public schools of Thailand. After searching for job listings available in the country, you find the latter as the most common to work for in Thailand. You find yourself teaching in a secondary school in Thailand, where everything is new, and you need to understand the culture. You also need to know if your students can understand English, to make the learning and teaching process efficient.

In the Thai Classroom

If you had to teach in a secondary school in Thailand, the classroom size can be huge. You will need to prepare and develop lessons plans that is worth the setup. You need to engage all your students into your teaching, so you don’t experience headaches. You may research and read posts about how to teach lessons to a large unruly class. If you teach well, then naturally your students will like you and they can easily adapt to the new themes and vocabularies you try to instil on them. You can also merge some games to perk up their interests.

Your Thai Co-workers

When it comes to your co-workers, you need to remember two things. The first is having you paid more than many of them. The typical salary that a foreign teacher gets from a secondary school in Thailand is about 30000 baht or about US$900. It may not seem enough for Westerners, but it’s a great deal enough to live comfortably in Thailand. Most Thai teachers can earn such figures if they have spent several years teaching in public or private schools. Another thing to remember is to be friendly and courteous to your fellow teachers. If you try to be one, you will definitely go a long way.