Virtual Reality: The Best NRL Official Merchandise Ever

Watching your favourite sports on TV or even through various streaming sites over the Internet can be boring at times that you sometimes wonder how it feels to be able to watch game while being at the venue of the game itself. Even if you can go to the venue itself, buying tickets can be a nightmare because whether you admit it or not, tickets in sports events such as the NBA can really burn a big hole in someone’s savings account and what if you’re indeed an avid follower of one of the teams playing in the NBA, watching all of their 82 games scheduled during the regular means you have to pay big amount of money to enjoy the game, live. It’s basically the same thing when you’re a fan of the NRL in Down Under Australia especially if you are eagerly collecting every single NRL official merchandise of the NRL team that you are rooting for. NRL merchandises nowadays are relatively expensive and rare ones have become even more expensive through the years.


Last June 15, 2017, NRL league officials have announced that they have found a way to revolutionize live NRL viewing experience by employing the use of virtual reality technology for everyday fans. Imagine being behind an NRL player as he is dripping sweat in action, all while you are eating your hot dog, while being seated in your seat from the grandstand- only experiencing all of the action through a headset that is connected to your seat. The seat is called the Smart Seat which is carefully padded to give fans a first-class style comfort. The said seat is equipped with built-in speakers and its own control panel which you can use if you want to summon your own television replays on a screen that is attached to the armrest as if you’re inside a bunker. In fact, even with the slightest movement of your head while you are connected to the headset, it’s already enough to provide you with the full 360 degree view of what is actually happening in the game through your eyes. In addition to this, the control panel has a button which you can push to have an NRL official merchandise delivered right to your lap.