Useful Tips To Ensure A Successful Cross-Border Trade

Whether you are new to freight forwarding or a seasoned professional with decades of experience under your belt, there will always be challenges when shipping cargo between the US and Canada. Even if the two countries are close neighbours, they have significantly different cultures, markets and trade regulations.

Things to consider in cross-border trade

  • Cross-border trade requires several partners with all of them having certain roles to get goods safely from Point A to Point B. Success will depend on having the right partners for your specific needs.
  • It is important to determine the mode of transportation that will be used, the lead times and whether the goods require expedited or regular delivery. After you have settled these things, you will have a better idea on the right partner that you will need.
  • Timing is very critical in cross-border trade. The process demands a synchronized dance among the players that is perfectly aligned to ensure that shipment moves smoothly. Some aspects may be beyond control but by doing research, you will understand the timeframes for each step of the process.
  • Timing is usually based on demand which can go up or down depending on the time of the year, week of the month, day in the week and even hours of operation. If there is no traffic on the bridge, crossing can take about 30 minutes; however, it is not uncommon to encounter lines of up to 10 hours during peak seasons. If the truck has not had a custom inspection, an additional 8 hours can be expected.
  • All businesses want to save on costs but logistics is often an expensive part of the shipping process. The freight forwarder you choose must be worth the price. It also important to take into account drayage, customs clearance, additional warehousing, sorting, labeling, and many more.

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