Ugly Christmas Sweaters Invade The Music Industry

The music industry, specifically the pop and hiphop world, is taken over by Ugly Christmas Sweaters by storm. This season, various artists released their own versions of ugly Christmas sweaters with their personal logo and style knitted in every piece. In the past months, Beyoncé released her Lemonade merchandise and along with it were her very own version of ugly Santa sweaters, in time for the holiday season. Not only that, hiphopper Nas also released “kneeling Santa” as his artistic contribution to the in-demand garb for the season. 2 Chainz, another famous rapper recently presented “dabbing Santa” as his rendition of ugly Christmas sweater.

To join the bandwagon of ugly Christmas sweater creations for the season, Wu-tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah recently released his version of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Killah’s ugly sweater sports the rapper’s hockey mask trademark with a Santa hat on top of it. The knitted Christmas sweater has a row of letter “W” to signify his association with his group, the Wu-tang Clan. It also has the usual representations of Christmas such as Christmas trees and eagles to match the sweater to the season. If you are a Wu-tang Clan or Killah’s fan, you better hurry ordering his sweater because it only comes in 1,000 limited pieces to be grabbed by equally die-hard Ghostface Killah fans like you.

The sweater can be purchased at Ghostface Killah’s website and online store, at a meager price of $89.99, a too low a price for a collector’s item designed by your favorite hiphop icon. The sophisticated and edgy Christmas sweater can be worn on various occasions during the holidays. You can wear it to your themed Christmas parties or wear it while shopping or hanging around with your clan. Make everybody go “wow” with this limited edition sweater that you can wear, not just for the season, but on days and nights when winter gets stingy.

To get one of those Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Ghostface Killah, visit his website today and start palcing your order now. You can also have it as your collector’s item to be flaunted to your friends who are also Ghostface Killah fans.