Trends In Consumer Snacking

Research conducted by Mintel sheds light on the habits of the consumers when it comes to snacking. According to the result, 50 per cent of the consumers in the United States are snacking because they wanted to give themselves a treat while 29 per cent said that when they pick out a snack they consider the taste more than the health benefits of the food. This does not come as a surprise to Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan because there are a growing number of consumers who are getting more conscious about the food they eat.

The total worth of healthy snacks in the international market is $21.1 billion in 2016 and a 5.1 per cent revenue growth is expected in the next few years. Seven years from now, it is predicted that nuts, seeds and fruit snacks will be responsible for 27 per cent of the entire snacking market. The younger people are now more inclined to choose healthier snacks and this trend is growing. This means that the industry will have to purchase new packaging machinery in order to focus to the snacking industry.

Another trend in the snacking industry is called single-serve which means that they are targeting to decrease the portions thereby decreasing the calories as well. Retailers are calling out to manufacturers to create smaller packages in order for them to get the most out of the trend. Respondents added that packaging machines should be improved in order to keep up with the demand.

Consumers are on-the-go most of the time therefore it is only right that they want to have snacks that are also packaged as such. This makes it possible to eat what they can only consume and preserve the freshness of the remaining food in the packet with the help of product pouches that can be zip upped.

The tastes of the customers are evolving, according to Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan who is a businessman in the food industry. A growing number of millennials are looking for different flavors instead of sticking with sweet snacks alone. The result is that the snacking market is creating more and more products to cater to the trends and the tastes of the consumers.