Tourists Must Dress Appropriately In The Public Beaches Of Maldives

Absolute privacy is offered by luxury villas in Maldives for visitors from all over the world. Visitors whose purpose is a luxurious getaway will enjoy all the modern conveniences and amenities that will ensure a unique holiday. The endless stretch of white sandy beaches will encourage meditative sunset strolls. There are wellness experts that can guide guests toward restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation.

During a press conference, Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed stated that the culture and Islamic policies of the nation must be followed and not mixed up. There are acceptable dress codes in the laws and regulations of Maldives that people including tourists must follow. Strict measures against tourists will be taken if they do not follow the regulations.

The culture and Islamic ways must not be mixed up in the local inhabited islands particularly when there are children around. Problems arise because guest houses that provide accommodations to tourists do not enlighten the guests on the proper attire that they can use in public beaches. Authorities have provided registration opportunities for guest houses but some have not completed the registration process.

The tourism minister also highlighted some of the undesirable consequences that happened in the past in some guest homes. Minister Waheed stressed that they are not responsible if similar accidents happen because of the operations of unregistered guest houses and facilities which are considered illegal.

Ever since the tourism industry has been established in Maldives, it has always been deemed inappropriate for tourists to dress down when they are in the capital city of Male and other inhabited islands. Tourists are free to swim in the swimwear of their choice in private resorts. There are local islands that offer bikini beaches so that tourists can swim in their swimwear without the authorities taking action against them.

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