Tourist Attractions In And Around Viet Tri

Viet Tri is a beautiful city in the northeaster part of Vietnam. The scenic city is the capital of the PhuTho province and is also a prominent industrial centre in the region. There are a number of tourist attractions in the city that draw tourists from across the world.

The geographical location of the city coupled with the landscapes and historical relics found around the area make it a must visit attraction in Vietnam. As the number of tourists is huge, there are a number of accommodation options in Viet Tri. Tourists can select the best hotel in Viet Tri which offers state-of-the-art facilities to the guests and makes them feel like royalty.

Hung kings temple is a must visit attraction for the tourists interested in spiritual and cultural aspects. The beautiful Buddhist temple is a centre for spiritual tourism. The temple is a major attraction for foreign and domestic tourists visiting the city. Tourists can stay at the best hotel in Viet Tri located on the riverside and visit the famous spiritual attraction in the city.

Hung lo is an ancient village in Viet Tri. The village is located only ten kilometres away from the Hung Kings temple. The ancient village has preserved the architecture of ancient communal houses of the past era. The village has been declared as a national historic relic. The ancient village has around fifty houses which are one hundred to two hundred years old. The city is also famous for its traditional vermicelli making techniques. There are many other attractions around the Hung lo village like the food processing village, Chung cake and Giay cake village, peach blossom village etc. Tourists willing to explore the different villages can stay at the best hotel in Viet Tri and explore the nearby villages.

Viet Tri is popular among the foreign tourists for its cultural and eco-tourism.  Some of the popular tourist destinations in and around Viet Tri are Lai Len Temple, Hung Vuong museum, Thet communal house, Tan Duc safe vegetable farm and Tam Giang pagoda. Travellers to the city can stay at the best hotel in Viet Tri and explore all these must visit important tourist destinations around the city.