Sydney Light Rail Resumes Services

Commuters were not happy during the recent downpour of rain in Sydney which resulted to suspension of Light Rail’s regular operation. Companies that are planning to conduct team building in Sydney can now rest easy as things are looking up. The city has not experienced this heavy rain for the past three months until the morning of June 17. The heavy rain caused flooding which is why Light Rail from Central going to The Star was closed down for a few hours.

During that time, the buses accommodated passengers who are willing to commute. After a few hours, the system went back to normal despite the presence of flood in major roads.

The heavy rain is a result of the low pressure which can be found in the central coast of New South Wales. This brought rain showers all over the Sydney Basin. The cold, icy weather was also very unpredictable. The rain was heavier in the eastern parts of Sydney’s suburbs as well as the central prior to lunch break.

According to the rain gauge of Sydney’s Observatory Hill, the downpour from 9 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon is measured at 24 mm. For about 20 minutes during this time range, the rain was only at 14 mm. For the last three months, this is the highest that was recorded for daily rain in the city.

Within the four-hour downpour, it was also noted that the rain in Manly measures 42 mm while the rain in Mosman measured 36 mm.

For the following day, temperatures around Sydney were expected to reach as high as 18 degrees but mercury reading only showed 16 degrees. It was windy though at 24 kph in southern parts of the city such as Cronulla which gives the resident a feel of the cold, chilly weather.

While the weather might look gloomy, company team building in Sydney are expected to resume the following week as it is expected that the weather will be drier. For those companies pushing through with their original dates, indoor venues are recommended coupled with indoor activities.