Stacking Rings For Weddings Is Now A Thing

Gone are the days when women only wear designer statement rings for their special day. It is now common to see them wearing three or five rings at the same time to accentuate their look for their wedding day. Aside from the engagement ring and the wedding band, it is possible to wear more rings for those who love to do this trend. This is referred to as the ring stack. This does not entail wearing just any rings but telling a story that will highlight that engagement ring more. Expert in jewelry design gave their take on how to create the ideal stack.

Sofia Kaman said that there is no exact answer as to how many rings in the stack. The guiding principle is that the more, the better. She recommends to start with three rings together with the engagement ring and start building a well thought of stack of rings. You can stop when there is no more room between the hand and the knuckle of the fingers. Ylang’s Alysa Teichman, on the other hand, believes that odd numbers is better than even so wearing five or three is much better than four or two rings only.

EF Collection’s Emily Goldstein believes that it is best to mix and match rings according to stone colors, shapes and metals to make the stack more interesting. Teichman is in agreement with this as it can show off the wearer’s personality and make a unique stack that is different from other people. At the end of the day, what makes you happy wearing is the end goal. Kaman added that a focal point should be chosen to make sure there is cohesiveness in the group such as picking yellow gold as the uniting factor among the rings though they may have different stone colors and textures. For various metals, the stone color should be the same in order for the look to come together.

Teichman said that brides should be experiment with designer statement rings to see what will work for them. It is okay to try on different styles until they found the ones they think are the best for them.