Saigon Still The Number One Tourist Spot In Vietnam

For the first three months of 2019, Ho Chi Minh City turns out to be the number one local destination for international travellers visiting the country of Vietnam. The city in the south, which holds rooftop bar in Saigon and the best accommodations, welcomed its highest number of international visitors for the first quarter of this year. Compared to the same period last year, there was an increase of 10 per cent in the arrivals as Ho Chi Minh City serviced 2.25 million global tourists.

Based on the figures released by the tourism department of the city, Ho Chi Minh City is responsible for bringing in 50 per cent of the total number of international tourists during the first three months of 2019. According to the report by the General Statistics Office, the number of international travellers who came to Vietnam increased by seven per cent for the first quarter when looking at the year-on-year data with the total reaching 4.5 million.

Out of all the foreign travellers visiting Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest groups came from the countries of United States, Japan, China and South Korea. These are the biggest contributors to the tourism revenue of the city for the first quarter which has amounted to $1.71 billion.

Kayak, a travel portal based in Singapore, has already declared that Ho Chi Minh City will finally make it to the top 10 tourist spots for foreign travellers for this year. It was already given recognition by the Travelsupermarket website for being one of the 15 tourist cities globally with the fastest growth with estimates that the city will welcome 10.2 million international tourists in 2025.

Two years ago, Price of Travel which is a database for cost when travelling, placed Saigon on the third spot for the list of the cheapest cities in the world. Travelers will only need $18.33 daily to survive including meals, accommodation, beer from rooftop bar in Saigon, entrance fee to tourist attractions and public transportation. Another survey was conducted by General Statistics Office in partnership with the Tourism Department of the city revealing that foreign travellers spend an average of $145 per day during a 5-day stay in Ho Chi Minh.