Rovers Striker Talks About His New Personal Trainer

Personal trainers, like those from Fithaus, get clients from all walks of life, from the average Joe to even local stars, though when it comes to the latter, personal trainers tend to get some time in the limelight.

Which is exactly what happened to a personal trainer in Lancashire, who was hired by Rovers striker, Dominic Samuel. Social media took notice of Samuel’s post, which stood out from the rest of his team by featuring images of his intensive workout in the gym with his trainer, instead of the vacation pictures the others were posting.

According to the striker, it was a decision he made not just to ensure that he was in the proper shape when the pre-season rolls back in, but also to improve on his long-term performance. He adds that he plans on keeping the regimen up throughout the entirety of the 2018-19 campaign, saying that he has been concentrating on improving his strength to keep his pace up and strengthen his upper body, which is his goal for the off-season.

He believes that football is less a sport, more a way of life, one that people dedicate themselves to. For players, this means that, even if the off-season, they should be doing what they can to improve themselves, still dedicating their lives to it, and that was why he had looked to places like Fithaus and found himself a personal trainer.

In the early stages, he says that there won’t be weight training, but plenty of running, which is why he did what he could to keep everything together; to improve and become a complete player by possessing the pace, strength and skill needed in the field. Samuel has expressed hope that this will all add something more to his game.

In the opening month of the previous season, the frontman scored five times, which slowed down with three more goals after that, two of which were during an FA Cup match against Crewe, which ended in a tie. In 2018, he scored no goals at all. He was then replaced by Danny Graham, moved towards more flexible roles, rather than central position, his forte.

He says that he wants to get back on track, to improve, and that’s what he’s doing with his trainer.