Report Shows Skill Deficit In UK Logistics Market

Talent in Logistics, the UK logistics awards organisation, recently published a report regarding skill hiring in the logistics sector in the country, and noted a bit of an issue.

According to the data, the sector has a bit of a recruitment issue, to the lament of companies and sites like, with only 8% of UK youth considering the logistics industry as an attractive option for their future career. On top of that, their data shows that about 42% aren’t even aware of the logistics industry and what it does.

As for the logistics workforce in the UK is, only 9% under25, with 45% over the age of 45, which means that, should current market conditions remain, the sector will be hit with a devastating skills shortage.

The Talent in Logistics research was conducted at the World Skills UK Live exhibition, with about 500 students and teachers acting as the sample size.

The data from the research was then used to write ‘Changing Perceptions: Attracting Young Talent Into Logistics’, a whitepaper that details the logistics industry, including major players like, highlighting the extent of the skill shortage issue, bringing it to light, and provide possible suggestions and useful information that might be of us for business leaders to find new skill, primarily by hiring and retaining millennials.

About a quarter of the youth; 26%, that were quizzed by Talent in Logistics stated that they don’t believe that the logistics sector has gender diversity. Only 18% of the respondents have been talked to about, and/or informed of logistics as a possible career path.

Talent in Logistics Business Manager Ruth Edwards say that the popular perception of logistics is the biggest issue when it comes to recruiting new talent, which is why, she says, the organisation has been working to promote the importance of bringing in talent from groups that aren’t too widely represented in the logistics industry.

Ruth added that they’re calling on the sector and the UK education system to do their part in informing the youth of the many opportunities and career paths that can be found in the logistics industry.