Reasons To Have Backyard Swim Spas In Sydney

You can surely drive to the nearest swim spas in Sydney but there is nothing like having your very own health and fun equipment right in your backyard. This is suitable for those with health issues which can be resolved with or eased with the hot water therapy. There are health issues such as diabetes, insomnia, arthritis, obesity, muscle pain and tension, back pain, stress and others which can be soothed with regular use of a swim spa. A swim spa is almost like a regular swimming pool but it is smaller in size and it comes with a water jet to create resistance to users along with a heater for body soaking. Although having a swim spa sounds luxurious, it is actually more practical than going to a regular spa treatment facility and it offers more benefits such as the following:

Cheaper option

The average swim spas in Sydney cost around $10,000 to $12,000. The price would still change depending on various factors such as added features, size and design. The amount may sound heavy to the pocket but if you would consider its low maintenance requirements, you will realize that you could have more savings by investing on a swim spa than paying a sizable amount every time you visit high end treatment spa in the city. Compared to a regular pool, a swim spa requires less water and only requires minimal water treatment. It is also four times cheaper to maintain than an average swimming pool.

Various functions

Aside from having it as a health pool, a swim spa can also be used as a regular swimming pool. You can also have it as a water gym and a hot tub without the need for a big space in your area unlike a regular swimming pool. You can adjust its water temperature to have it as a regular pool or adjust the water jet for low impact exercise.

Ideal for the entire family

Generally, swim spas in Sydney is only 4 to 4.5 feet deep so it is safe around children and they can even practice their swimming skills on it. It can also be used for family bonding and for fun water activities for the entire family.