Pros And Cons Of Using Stone Tile Flooring

Flooring is an important aspect of interior design. Deciding on the material to use for flooring of the house is time taking and tough. Homeowners have many choices in flooring materials like vitrified tiles, natural stone tiles etc.

Natural stone tile is gaining popularity as the go- to option for reputed interior designers. Stone flooring is extremely versatile as there are many different types of natural stones, each offering varied range of colours and textures.

Advantages of stone flooring

  • Stone is one of the ancient construction materials and is known for its durability. Stone flooring can withstand high amount of wear and tear and still look good for longer durations.
  • Using natural stone floor tiles enhances the curb value of a home. Stone tiles are always in trend and give a rustic charm to the interiors.
  • Stone tiles are found in earth and hence they are eco-friendly option for the flooring needs.
  • Stone tiles are easily available and it can be procured locally.
  • Stone tiles are easy to maintain and offer a clean visual look.
  • Stone tiles are heat proof and provide cooling effect and prevent the loss and gain of heat from outside. They increase the energy efficiency of a home and reduce the electricity bills.

Disadvantages of stone flooring

  • Natural stone tiles are expensive when compared to other flooring materials.
  • Certain stones like marble require regular cleaning and maintenance. They should be cleaned with specialist product to maintain their sheen and appearance for long durations. Most homeowners feel that the regular cleaning is a time consuming and hectic chore.
  • Caring for expensive stone tile requires specialist cleaners. The professional cleaners charge a huge amount of fee to take up the regular cleaning.
  • Some delicate stones like marble, chip and crack easily, if proper care is not taken.
  • Some stones like granite are very heavy and designers should check the capacity of the structure to carry such heavy load before installing granite flooring.

Homeowners and designers should weigh the pros and cons of using stone tile flooring and make a decision. Choosing the right type of stone that suits the lifestyle of the homeowner and the overall theme of the home is very important.