OC4OC Donates Much Needed School Furniture To Jamaica

While some schools have started to pay attention to student experience in the design of school chairs, there are schools where children have to suffer from lack of school furniture. Children spend many years of their life inside classrooms and they deserve the best kind of furniture that will inspire them to learn. When there are no chairs, the children decide between learning and comfort.

Massachusetts-based One Chair 4 One Child (OC4OC) group donated much needed furniture to schools located in rural areas. Recently, the group gave 75 desks and chairs to the Bellevue Primary School in Perth Town, Jamaica. Raquel Knight, the founder of the organization revealed that she encountered limited seating during her early education.

As a growing child, Knight experienced the struggle of having to find a chair and wait 30 minutes or more for a desk. She did not understand that the lack of furniture was a problem because she assumed that it was a way of life. Knight learned the difference when she went to a school in Kingston and when she moved to the United States.

Knight said that the lack of desks was a problem not only for her generation but that of her father’s. When she visited her hometown 3 years ago, she noticed that her younger siblings were also experiencing the same problem.

Lack of furniture can test a student’s patience. Some decide to abandon their studies because of the frustrations. Knight left Jamaica for the United States to complete higher education but she never forgot her experience in the previous school. She thought of creating a project that will fix the social problem.

When OC4OC delivered the new chairs to the school, the community particularly the children were very excited. Even if the community accepts the lack of school furniture, the narrative can be changed by bringing in more furniture.

It is very important for schools to choose high quality school chairs that are designed to accommodate healthy education. Children must benefit from comfortable and healthy learning environments that school furniture help create. Space can be organized properly with furniture that will precisely fit the needs of students.