New Vehicles Of The CPD Waiting To Be Designed

The patrol vehicles utilized by the Chicago Police Department is currently looking for a new look. The officers are given the chance to submit their proposals regarding the new layout design which includes the colours, words and images to be displayed in the exterior of the latest cars. The same components are used in creating designs for vehicle signs in Sydney especially if they advertise a business or a company.

Eddie Johnson, the police superintendent, said that he sent a memo to a total of 12,000 officers stating that they should submit their design ideas in order to be chosen by a review panels coming from the 22 different patrol districts. Every district will have a chance to send a single proposal to the panel consisting of community residents and police officers from the entire department. The panel’s task is to choose five finalists and the winning design will then be decided by Johnson.

In the memo, Johnson said that the iconic design that is currently seen at the police vehicles used by CPD has been used from 1970s and has been seen going around the streets of Chicago ever since. The department is now moving into a new era and with it are necessary changes such as updating the design on their vehicles. This initiative is expected to improve the agency for the benefit of the officers as well as the residents.

The new design will be used on 500 new vehicles and it is expected to be seen in the streets in the following months. Frank Giancamilli, the police spokesman, said that the existing vehicles will retain their current design.

Giancamilli added that it is common for squad cars to change their design every time they receive new cars. It was done by the New York City Police Department somewhere between late 1990s and early 2000s when presented with new vehicles.

The announcement made by Johnson came after the city has experience the worst violence and they vowed to make some big changes. The United States Justice Department conducted an investigation on the department which prompted them to amend a number of their current policies. The trend of car signage is increasing in popularity as more vehicle signs in Sydney can be seen utilized by businesses.