New Denture Policy For Texas Prison System

A recent investigation was recently conducted at the Texas prison system by the Houston Chronicle because of complaints from toothless inmates who were not approved to be fitted with dentures but rather they were forced to consume pureed food alone. After this came to light, changes are being made with the prison system in the state with regards to its denture policy. Dentists who are making Easton dentures acknowledge the importance of the dental prosthetic especially when it comes to eating.

With the change in denture policy, the prison is going to provide its very own denture clinic and they will also hire their in-house prosthodontic specialist to handle the cases of the inmates who do not have teeth.

According to Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s medical director, Dr. Lanette Linthicum, they are hoping to get more prescriptions for dentures in the future.

In addition to the new policy planned out and the construction of the clinic, the prison system is also going to take a look at all the grievances submitted with regards to dentures in the last year. They are also conduction a reevaluation of all the prisoners who have aired out their complaints. The prison system will also give training to all dentists assigned in the unit to know when they should prescribe dentures and a review board will be put together to act as a panel to decide who require dentures and those that do not necessarily need one.

Some of the changes are already being implemented and it has earned praises from advocates while there are those who think that they should have granted the prison system an independent oversight.

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition’s member, Doug Smith, said that the changes are amazing while John Whitmire, the state Senator, said that he is happy about the response of the state yet the issue should not have occurred in the first place because dentures are necessary. In agreement with this sentiment are the dentists making Easton dentures for clients who know how hard it is to eat everyday without complete set of reliable teeth.