Moto Guzzi Launched In Italy The Latest Member Of V9 Range

Starting this month, we’ll be hearing news with the latest bike announcements from different manufacturers. To start with, Moto Guzzi released its newest addition to the V9 range which is the V9 Bobber Sport. Many people are waiting for this new Moto Guzzi to drop because it will add further options for standard and middle ranged types of bikes. The Bobber Sport is basically a combination of the V9 Roamer and the base model of the V9 Bobber.

The launching was held at Mandello Del Lario plant located in Italy which is considered to be a historic location for the company. This new model is tagged to have a unique personality mainly because of the 853 cc engine which is not only a twin but mounted in transverse position. According to Guzzi, the main inspiration for the V9 Bobber Sport series is the original bobber which was created right after the end of World War II. It is interesting to note that they mention the word series with the Bobber Sport so we can safely assume that more will come out following this model.

Guzzi further explained that there are major changes with the V9 Bobber Sport and one of them is the single-seat saddle which has been lowered and the drag bar was lowered as well in order to complement the lower risers. This gives the entire bike the vibe of a low ride. V9 Bobber is already considered to be low and if this version is even lower, the rider is in for a very compact position while riding.

There are reports that this model will have an Ohlins shock absorber and this is what excites many of the consumers awaiting for this new model. This is something that the standard V9 Bobber really needs in order for the chassis to be controlled properly. Guzzi said that the exhaust pipes of the new Moto Guzzi are going to sport matte black while the bottom will be purely aluminium. As per the company, this new model will come to the United States market before the year ends and the suggested retail price is $10,690.