Logistics Software Company Receives Funding Of $10 Million

There are many sectors of logistics such as server logistics and managing these operations are made possible with modern technology and tools. This is the goal of Convey which is a software platform dedicated to helping online retailers as they handle their daily shipping logistics. The firm is happy to announce that they have gathered $10 million of funding in order to be able to penetrate new markets.

The company’s headquarter is located in Austin and their latest funding came from a number of companies such as NextGen, Silverton Partners, RPM Ventures and Techstars Venture Capital Fund among many others. This time around, they were able to raise a total amount of $27.75 million ever since the company started its fund raising campaign.

Convey is a logistics software firm that was established in 2013. It started out in Phoenix before it relocated to Austin after 12 months of operation. The move came after the company decided to participate in Techstars which is an accelerator program that hosts startup companies. The program lasted for three months. In 2014, the company launched a seed funding campaign. Afterwards, they decided to recruit Rob Taylor who is known as a veteran in the software industry in Austin and he was designated as CEO.

The main focus of Convey is to make it easier for online retailers to manage their deliveries through the use of their platform. Customers of the retail stores are able to track their orders and connect with the sellers when necessary. This way, potential problems are prevented before it turns into something bigger.

The goal now of Convey, after receiving additional funding, is to penetrate other market for server logistics such as the construction industry, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. They believe that through their software the clients will be able to bridge various industry players – carriers, shippers and customers. At the end of the day, Taylor said that their target is to make sure the delivery experience is better than ever. They wanted to penetrate the healthcare industry because they understand how complicated it is to deliver expensive medical equipment.