Jaguar Covered With Vinyl Stickers For A Cause

A hospice for children is grateful for the selfless act of a retired businessman when he was able to gather as over £63,000 using his passions for Jaguar cars. Retford resident, Stuart Dizon, was able to raise the money because of people and businesses that wholeheartedly bought vinyl stickers which he willingly displays on his Jaguar XK 4.2 V8. Even the company for NZ sticker printing was in awe of the man’s initiative to help others.

Dizon used to be the owner of Trent Hire but ever since he has decided to use his energy in helping others thus he started the fundraising for the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. The facility is providing essential care to young people who are suffering from terminal diseases all over the area.

The sticker display on his Jaguar started when he made stickers using the names of over 125 youngsters who are currently under the care of the hospice. Despite what he is doing for the facility, he cannot hide his sadness because seven of the young individuals whom he has placed a sticker name on the car has already passed away. It was April of this year when he began the campaign.

According to Dizon, he cannot fathom how the parents felt when they lose their kids at a very young age. He knows that it is a tragic scenario. He even remembers the time when four children passed away within the same week of each other.

There was a woman expressed her desire to have his son’s name as a sticker as well but she wanted a different colour. He agreed and the woman said that she is willing to donate more money for what she is asking. Upon agreeing, the woman tears up because she lost her son when he was only 18 years old.

The Jaguar is eyed by anyone who saw it on the road because the entire car is wrapped in a bright purple wrap that represents the hospice. He has already raised £63,000 but Dizon said, which make NZ sticker printing company even more in awe, is that he is planning to tour eight of his cars all over the United States in order to raise more money.