IMEX Launching New Platform

IMEX is no longer using their previous platform but rather a newer version called EventReference. The platform is catered towards conference and events management and it is cloud-based. I will help organizers manage their systems. The developer of the platform is RefTech, a company based in the United Kingdom.

All of the online interactions under IMEX will now be handled by Event Reference and it will be accessible to attendees of the show. There are information provided in the system such as booth directory of the exhibitors, appointment schedule of both exhibitor and buyer, hosted travel of the buyer as well as the entire registration.

Furthermore, everyone who will be attending to events by IMEX will be able to register themselves with the use of EventReference. They can also manage their registrations and create an itinerary.

According to the CEO of IMEX Group, Carina Bauer, their company has grown and because of this their processes have also undergone evolution. They focused on their audience and changed according to what they wanted, their demands as well as their growing needs. With this, the platform of the organization has to undergo evolution at the same time.

She added that their previous system was created by RefTech especially for them. This is the reason why they consider their transformation to EventReference to be an evolution rather than revolution to cater their users. They give impotance to their exhibitors, hosted buyers and visitors thus the new system should be something they still recognize and is familiar to them including the functions and where these are located.

When it comes to the company’s current needs, EventRefence is considered to be the most suitable option. They also pride themselves in working with RefTech for the longest period and they believe that they are in good hands. They are working closely with Simon Clayton who is the chief ideas officer of RefTech and they always deliver according to their requests,

Modules are now being created by RefTech which follows that requirements set by IMEX. These modules will help in improving the functionality of the software which will be useful for conference and events management proving once more that their system is top of the line.