How The Local Government Imposes Funeral Services With Funeral Directors In Sydney

A recent study has been done on the nature, scope and size of the funeral industry. The regulatory environment on how it operates has also been examined, resorting to factors that cause the funeral industry to earn around $1-billion a year. An extensive review of the online funeral businesses has been performed using the telephone survey to gather data. It’s how the funeral directors in Sydney are scrutinised with the way they earn their profits.

At some point in life, one will have to deal with a funeral service either as a consumer or a beneficiary of such service. The funeral industry has been responsible for handling the various funeral services in one’s funeral. This include the ceremony, how the deceased will be disposed, and the memorialisation.

According to the study, the funeral service is usually not driven by circumstance as it just happens anytime. Most deaths can likely happen in institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes or aged care facilities. There is also the social stigma when dealing with a deceased. This will make some funeral directors in Sydney add up a significant charge on services and mark-ups on coffins.

The Regulation of the Funeral Service

The Australian Funeral Directors Association emphasises that existing self-regulatory arrangements are adequate for the funeral services and that intervention will only increase the prices of the services for consumers. There are also disparities in the legislations and regulations concerning the funeral services among states and territories, as relayed in the study.

For instance, every state and territory impose their own regulations regarding how the deceased bodies are disposed, which can vary from time to time. But in terms of transporting the bodies, out of the eight states and territories, only five have regulations. New South Wales is the most demanding while Western Australia has a regulation covering the transport when death happens while on inter-hospital transfer. This however can cause confusion among those confronted with the regulation.

The tenure of the burial plots can also have various tenure. There may be permanent tenure available for the plots but in NSW and Victoria, the consumers have the right for 25 years. After that, it has to be renewed or it can be reused by someone else whose families have approached the funeral directors in Sydney for their loved one’s interment.