Hotel Near Central Rama 9 Providing Shelter For Flood Victims

Sakon Nakhon is seriously flooded, with many areas including the airport and its municipality, due to heavy rain since the early hours of Friday. The water level increased in Muang and other regions of the northeastern province, separating other villages from the outside world. The hotel near Central Rama 9 may be faraway, but affected residents can always go there for bookings.

The airport had to close up till 3pm on Saturday with all flights cancelled after one runway sunken in flood waters on Friday.

DarunSaengchai, Airports Department director general, said the water level on the runway rose to about 40 centimetres high, which is too dangerous for airplanes. The department will evaluate the situation every day until the airport reopens, he added.

Water level in some other locations of the municipality had reached up to a meter high, while flooding isolated more than 70 people at a budget hotel in Muang region.

Rescue teams were assisting the stranded people by providing them with food before moving to higher grounds. Over a hundred people were transferred to temporary shelters installed near the provincial hall, according to the provincial office. For those who can afford, they can also book through a hotel near Central Rama 9 for safety and convenience.

According to WitthayaChanchalong, SakonNakhon governor, it’s actually the worst flooding ever experienced in 20 years, with the crisis aggravated by the overflow of the Phupan mountain.

Deputy governorSuriyaWiriyasawad anticipated more overflowing from Phupan through the Nong Han, Thailand’s second largest freshwater lake, later that day.

Sukhothai province was also submerged with floodwater after the Yom River overflowed, dumping more water into Muang and Sri Samrong regions on Thursday night. The local government is now adding barriers to absorb the overflow in the district towns.

According to the Meteorological Department, Sukhothai and Sakon Nakhonwere listed as two of the 25 provinces affected by the flash floods and downpours last Friday, even though storm Songahad slowly steamed. A good suggestion would be to have the locals book in a hotel near Central Rama 9 for warmth and safety.