FYNN Development: Featuring Thailand’s Best From A Thai’s Perspective

For many travellers, finding a good place to stay in a busy city could be quite tough, which is why FYNN Development has committed in developing properties and providing convenient hotel in Sukhumvit guests with the best services that they can offer.


Starting Young

As a kid, Jom Salakshana enjoyed going on family vacations in their holiday home in Koh Tao. He looked forward playing in its white sand and granite cliffs, as it was located in the Gulf of Thailand— a truly relaxing place. He recalls the turquoise waters of the area and the gentle whale sharks that he used to swim with. As he grew older, he preserved this love for nature and his home, and used this passion in managing the Haad Then Beach Resort. He started hospitality of real estate development company called FYNN Development.


Property Development with a Personality

Jom wanted to retain their character and personality as a real estate company, and he says that they are proud to represent who they are through their services


Now, travellers, convenient hotel in Sukhumvit guests, and even local residents can enjoy their luxury condominium called the FYNN Sukhumvit 31. It combines the convenience of the district and the privacy that luxury condominiums offer. Before the FYNN Sukhumvit 31 was the FYNN Aree, named after its location. It is an eight-storey residential complex that was met by a huge success on its launching date. They were able to sell half of all their units on its launching date alone.


Entrepreneurial Outlook

Nom explains that he uses what he learned when he studied in the west, together with his experience in global investment banking to be on par with bigger companies and come up with clever strategies and the best quality of service that they could provide. He says that the basis of how the executes business is a combination of his strengths and weaknesses.


Nom is the grandson and heir of the Thai industrialist Dr. Boonsong Srifeungfung. He finished his undergraduate studies in the University College London and took his MBA in finance in the University of London. When he came back to Thailand, he started managing the family salt business and gained experience to finally start his own.