Future Educators Calling To Lower The Target Score For English Tests

In the age where everything gets to be discussed in social media, one hot topic in Thailand was not able to escape the scrutiny of internet users. In an internet discussion regarding the protest of future teachers to decrease the target score for passing English tests, an argument has ensued and there are those that are in favor and against the goal of the protest.

It is not a secret that many of those who wish to pass have acquired the services of tutoring companies such as Smart1-business.com/TOEIC but many are not willing to spend money on such services but rather they are calling to the government to lower the English requirement.

It has been a month since the discussion started online and it has captured the attention of many social media users. A current program in the country is trying to recruit graduating educators in order to serve as teachers in their hometowns but many of these candidates have been complaining about the target score they must reach in order to pass the test required for them to teach.

Last month, almost 3,500 candidates who have the potential to become future teachers have been summoned by the Office of the Higher Education Commission. There is something they must comply before they are given a teaching post at their respective hometowns and that is to pass the proficiency scores they have acquired from English language tests. The deadline is on the first day of October.

In order to secure the position, one must be able to obtain a score of 400 out of the total score of 900 when taking the TOEIC or Test of English for International Communication. In the case of IELTS or International English Language Testing System, one should get a score of 35 out of 999 and for TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language a target score of 40 over 120 is required.

Candidates have been calling to reduce the target score but many netizens are quick to offer their criticism saying that it is unacceptable to have English teachers who are not even able to score higher in proficiency tests. Graduating students have the option to enroll at companies such as Smart1-business.com/TOEIC in order to help them prepare for their English language test and avoid future criticisms.