Five Latest Trends In Kitchen Tiles

Interior design trends keep changing with time. Homeowners and designers keep experimenting with different components to make homes interesting and stylish. With increasing demands from homeowners for something classy and stylish, tile manufacturers come up with trendy and attractive tiles. Here are some of the latest tile trends for kitchens.


Glass accent tiles are a rage in modern homes. These tiles can be used for multiple purposes as kitchen splashbacks, shower walls and as accents on floors. Glass accent tiles add sparkle and depth to the space they are used in. These tiles are available in a variety of colours and finishes and go well with most of the design schemes. If you are searching for modern kitchen tiles, glass accent tiles are a great option as they provide attractive visual highlights, when used sparingly. These tiles can also be preferred for eco-friendly homes as most of the glass tiles are made using recycled glass.


Metal wall tiles are a trend that is in vogue forever. These tiles are most suitable for kitchen splashback. Metal tiles complement the stainless kitchen appliances and provide a contemporary look to the kitchen. You can choose from a variety of metals like, stainless steel, bronze, copper etc. in a wide range of finishes.


Hardwood is an all-time favourite but the material is not suitable for moist areas like the bathroom and kitchen. An attractive alternative to real hardwood is the faux hardwood tile made of porcelain. These porcelain tiles look exactly like real Hardwood but are much durable and easier to maintain. Since porcelain is moisture resistant, these tiles can be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Natural stone

Natural stone tiles are always in style. Marble, granite, slate, limestone are some of the options for kitchen tiles. Each stone has its own set of natural properties and provides an attractive aesthetic to the kitchen.


If you are searching for modern kitchen tiles to use in smaller areas like a splashback, mosaic tiles are the best option. Mosaic tiles are available in stone, glass and ceramic varieties. These tiles look beautiful and provide a traditional look to the kitchen.