Five Essential Motorcycle Riding Gear

Most of the first time bike riders have no idea about the importance of safety gear. Riding a motorcycle can be risky at times. Most experienced riders can have a fall or a slip unexpectedly and using the right safety gear plays a crucial role in protecting the rider.

First time bike buyers are a confused lot, when it comes to picking the right gear. They do not know what to buy. Here are a few essential motorbike protective clothing they should wear.

Motorcycling jackets and pants

These are essential clothing for motorcycle riders. Invest in a good pair of riding pants and jackets. Leather is the obvious choice for many buyers but these clothing items are also available in many textiles like synthetic. Invest in a branded pair of pants and jacket as they are tested for durability and protection.

Body armour

It is recommended to wear riding body armour under your jacket. The armour acts as a motorbike protective clothing and protects you in case of any slides. The body armour should be CE rated as it ensures that it has been tested and confirms with the European standards for protection against impact.


Helmet is an essential accessory for riding motorcycle. Helmet covers the head and protects it from impact in case of accidents.  First time riders can consult experts in motorcycle dealerships or riding gear shops to help them determine the right kind of helmet. Helmets are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Consider the size and shape of your head before picking a helmet.


Boots keep your ankles and feet safe. Bike riders should invest in sturdy shoes with oil resistant and non-slip soles that stay firmly in place on the pedals.


Gloves protect the hands and wrists. They are very crucial accessory for bike riders as they help to maintain the grip. The gloves should complete cover the hand and should neatly tuck in under the cuffs of the jacket.

These are some of the must-have motorbike protective clothing for bike riders. You can find these gear at the reputed motorcycle dealerships or at specialized riding gear shops. Some motorbike renting companies also rent riding gear for the clients.