Experts Discuss The Truth About Hair Loss After Pregnancy

A woman experiences a lot of physical changes during the whole nine months of being pregnant and the most celebrated fact is that there is a big difference when it comes to the volume and texture of the hair. According to a surgeon, Dr. Carlos Wesley who is a hair restoration expert located in New York City, his own wife Anna Kaiser is currently pregnant and has been undergoing the same thing. During pregnancy, the hair can hold longer during its growth phase because of the little estrogen receptors that are responsible in binding the estrogen in the base of the follicles. In return, the hair’s caliber is higher than usual and when each caliber of the hair fiber is increased, it follows that the overall hair volume also increases by around 38 per cent.

The bad news is that the lustrous hair that women enjoy during pregnancy will only last until the baby is out of the womb. During post partum, a woman experiences decrease in the levels of estrogen as well as the increase in the hormone cortisol caused by stress. With this, the hair is starting to leave the anagen cycle which promotes growth and moves on to the telogen phase where shedding starts to take place. According to Wesley, around nine weeks after giving birth, the woman will most likely lose around 30 per cent of their hair. The hair will grow back but this time it is finer and thinner in texture.

Joey Silvestera who own the Tribeca Blackstones salon located in Roxy Hotel explained that post pregnancy is the period where women will shed all the hair that they did not lose while they were still pregnant. This results to baby bangs. The cycle is common as seen when hair is lost and grown. This is most visible in the hairline as well as the temples. The only way they can work around this is to sport hairstyles that will hide the growing baby hair.

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