Culture Of Japan Contained In A Cup Of Sake

Japan’s national beverage, sake, is quite known all over the world. A bottle of sake is can literally tell so much of the culture of the country. Industrialization is fast and growing in the country coupled with technological development but the Japanese are proud to say that they have managed to retain the traditional method when it comes to producing the best sake. For those who haven’t tried this, a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine in Sukhumvit surely has a bottle of sake in their menu.

An event was recently concluded at Rick inside the Taj Mahal Hotel where there audience was trying to adapt with the essential features of the national drink of Japan. The drink originated from the various regions of the island country and has become a part every culture diplomacy as well as business initiative.

The guests of the event were able to get a taste of the different type of sake that was poured in long wine glasses in order for them to drink in the taste of each and every kind. Sake is a rice wine added with very low level of alcohol. It is recommended for taste experts who have already adapted with the taste of the beverage.

Present during the event is the Japanese expert in sake, Miho Komatsu, who came to speak to guests about the importance of promoting sake. She said that the drink is a symbol of Japan’s culture which is not only peaceful but loving as well. If the most favourable quantity is consumed by a person, it results to a better level of energy while making the skin hydrated and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

JunmaiGinjo for instance has a pleasant taste with a mix of jasmine and fresh pear flavors.Its main ingredient is Yamadanishiki which is a short grain type of rice. With every type of sake, the proportion between alcohol and rice content is varying thus making the concoction special. For every type, the rice level is higher compared to the alcohol thus the resulting taste is sweeter. For those curious, it is time to try Japanese cuisine in Sukhumvit and make sure to order a cup of sake along with it.