Cheltenham Takes Action Against Travellers At Pittville Park

Cheltenham welcomes many visitors particularly during spring and summer because of the presence of generous green spaces. There are many beautiful parks and gardens where you can choose a quiet spot to read the favourite book. You can also bring the family to enjoy a picnic at the park or go around using a bike. At the end of the day, you can go back to the value hotel in Cheltenham, your temporary home in the spa town.

Travellers are back in Pittville Park in Cheltenham and there are more of them. Caravans and cars arrived at the park and spread on the western side between Albermarle Gate and the lake. Last May, a family of gypsies was seen spending several days at the park and left rubbish scattered on the site after they left.

There were 9 caravans, 6 cars, 5 vans, 3 trucks, a horse box, 2 horses, 2 Shetland ponies, 2 goats and a large number of dogs. While it appeared that the site was free from rubbish, the travellerswere not authorized to set up camp on the golf course of Cheltenham’s Pittville Park. Notice was served to the travellers after they set up camp on the golf course.

A spokesman from Cheltenham Borough Council said that they are aware of the presence of travellers at the golf course and they have commenced a formal process to move them from the site. A resident of Cheltenham told Gloucestershire Live that some of the vehicles have been on the park early this year and returned. Now, there are a lot of them.

She added that were rubbish and human waste around the trees that are near the public swimming pool at the southern edge of the park. Towels were also noticed along the park fence, propane cylinders and fuel containers.

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