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Best Ways To Optimize WordPress Website UX

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There are many benefits to having a good website UX (user experience). Aside from increasing traffic, an optimized website UX can reduce bounce rates and improve positive feedback from users. For modern users, every millisecond is very critical when it comes to speed and user experience. A delay of a few seconds can result into increased bounce rates and fewer conversions.

How to optimize WordPress website UX effectively

The backbone of every successful website design is UX research. There are UX experts who can tell you the difference between a good and bad UX after examining the website. From their critical feedback, you can gather insights regarding the UX and see the website from the point of view of an expert.

Different UX research techniques can be combined in one place to be able to conduct a field study. Observe the behaviour of users on your website in their environment to learn how they feel in different situations. When you get a deeper insight into their problems, you can find new ways of solving them.

Usability testing is a technique that helps in evaluating the website through testing by potential users. Observe how users perform the different tasks on the website and then, collect data. However, make sure that the group of users belong to your target audience.

User personas are fictitious models of the ideal target users of the website. You have to focus on the traits and behaviours they display so that you can assess what they expect from the website. User data research can be used in developing user personas.

Nowadays, there are no longer any excuses for a slow-loading WordPress website. Google Page Speed Insights can be used as a tool to examine website speed. You can asses how your website performs on desktop and mobile devices to determine the elements that need improvement. You can optimize the database, use a caching plugin or content delivery network to improve page speed.

There is a team of WordPress website developers that can optimize both speed and user experience. There are many ways to optimize WordPress website UX; you can check it out here. The team will employ different strategies to deliver the right results.

The Role Of Customer Reviews In The SEO Plan

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It is common knowledge that online reviews are estimated to be 10% of the criteria with which Google displays search results. Online reviews are unquestionably very important to businesses but it is only Google’s algorithms that know exactly how to leverage the online reviews so that a business can gain high star ratings.

Over the past years, there were lots of studies on how customer reviews can be used in SEO plans. If you are not yet using online reviews in the SEO strategy, you better do so now because consumers are reading reviews to help decide whether to buy or not.

Google as well as other search engines like consumers who are choosing your business and leaving their feedback on it. Unfortunately, many customers will not make an effort to write a review unless their experience with the product or service is extremely bad.

With that being said, businesses must make a conscious effort to collect as many reviews as they get. The good news is at least 70% of customers are willing to leave their feedback as long as they are asked. Businesses must have a plan on how to handle review follow-ups. Timing is very critical to generate the best response rates.

A digital marketing agency understands that king kong SEO reviews play a big role in their SEO particularly if they respond to the reviews. In order to boost the SEO value of the reviews, it is important for clients to leave an honest feedback. To gain a favourable review, customers are provided with a great experience.

How Online Reviews Affect SEO

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Do online reviews affect SEO? Yeah, they do, especially for smaller, more local businesses.

Studies show that Google My Business reviews were one of the most important variables determining how well a business ranks in Google search results, and how likely they were to show up in the box of local results that pop up in Google.

Here is a bit of a look at how online reviews affect SEO.

Google looks at the insight from reviews

Google is all about the content: the higher the quality and the more the quantity, the better.

This is a key part of SEO: how many keywords a site’s content has. These keywords determine how well Google’s crawlers understand and rank a site, which is where customer reviews come in. Customers leaving reviews basically leave information for Google to crawl through and understand which boosts SEO rankings.

Google trusts customer opinion more

Truth of the matter is, Google trusts what customers say about your business more than what your site does. That’s just how it is.

Google looks at customer reviews to see what customers think about your business, using that to determine how trustworthy a site is. Reviews, regardless of how positive it is, tell Google that a business has interacted with actual people, on top of the things reviews do for other customers.

Better reviews mean better CTR, which means better SEO

Everyone loves reviews.

The better the reviews for a business, the more likely customers are to choose it over the competition. This, in turn, boosts its CTR (click-through rate), which is already established as a positive factor for SEO. Good reviews lead to good CTR, which leads to a good king kong SEO review, which only makes online reviews all the more desirable.