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Lead Concern Prompted Australia’s Chief Medical Officer To Issue Warning

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According to the chief medical officer of Australia, it is still safe to use the drinking water at home. This announcement came after a national advisory was released on television five months ago. It was July of 2018 when the committee in charge of the health departments all over the federal, territory and state published a public announcement regarding the level of lead found among households. After the news, many contacted their plumber in Newcastle NSW to make sure that their drinking water is safe.

The announcement was made after an investigation done together by Australia’s water committee, National Health and Medical Research Council and NZ Ministry of Health. Based on the statement sent by the Environmental Health Standing Committee, measures should be taken carefully to make sure that people are not exposed to the lead that is found in the environment. This is usually coming from plumbing products that have been using the material which then dissolves into the water we drink.

It is unfortunate that there are still products in Australia that were made of lead when these products are clearly used in home drinking systems. As a warning, the committee announced that it is possible for lead to get into the water when the plumbing connects with plumbing made of brass or when the water is subjected to heat.

In the same statement, it was clarified that the water going to the homes as well as other structures is deemed to be safe. It is not very common for the lead level to become so high that it is harmful to the body just by consuming drinking water.

Households were therefore given warning regarding the use of tap water. According to experts, flushing should be done for 30 seconds before drinking tap water in order to remove the stagnant water first. This warning was sensationalized by the media that it blew over and became an urgent warning when it is clearly not.

This is why homeowners are calling plumber in Newcastle NSW because they are afraid to become victims of lead poisoning from drinking tap water. However, experts have already voiced their opinion on the matter and that tap water is safe to consumer.

How Brisbane Plumbers Detect Leaks On Your Property

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You need to find reputed Brisbane plumbers to check the leaking in your home. You need to understand that every leak in your water system can make you consume thousands of litres in a year. This can create some damage in your home and even harm the money inside your wallet. You need to find plumbing services that can easily detect the leaks, especially if you’re a Brisbane resident. Someone or a company that provides a hundred percent workmanship guarantee at a competitive price range.

Here is how you can discover and detect possible leaking in your property:

  • Sudden loss in water pressure that doesn’t go away. If the water pressure cannot accumulate the supply line, then there is a problem with your water system, and it needs immediate check-up or repair. If you feel that this problem persists more than just a day, you need to contact Brisbane plumbers to have it fixed.


  • Unusually expensive water bills. If you have an unusually huge water bill, then you need to think over how you’ve used the water system in the previous month. You also need to check if there are possible leakage in your pipes. If you can’t think of possible reasons why you have a huge bill, you need a plumber to figure out the real cause of the problem.


  • Water is seemingly pooling in random areas. If water keeps coming out in the pipes, then it’s possible you have a leak in your property. Have Brisbane plumbers inspect your area and see how they can do the repairs or replacement.

If you have leaks on taps and visible plumbing areas, this will only take few hours to do the repairs. However, if the leaking is in an underground pipe or covered with concrete, it may entail more expenses for the repairs. If you seek assistance from reputed Brisbane plumbers, they have the technology to detect the problem without causing you to pay for expensive repairs. So, take time to choose a Brisbane plumber, so you have someone or a company to do the immediate repairs.