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Patong Beach: The Best Of Both Worlds

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Phuket is famous for its beaches, and its crescent-shaped Patong Beach is even more famous for offering the best of both the worlds of Thai luxury and of Thai nightlife.

Thai luxury is represented by none other than the Novotel in Patong Beach, the choice resort for the traveller looking for modern leisure. It can be found further inland and on the verdant hills of Kalim Bay. It is surrounded by the exotic feel of its lush gardens and landscapes and offers spectacular views of Andaman Sea and of Patong Beach itself. Luxury surrounds every guest, from the swimming pool to the lobby and from the food to the beverages. Guests can enjoy an unparalleled experience when it comes to the peace of this retreat.

If guests wish for a more active and busy experience to break the peace and quiet, they can visit the town of Patong Beach itself for the activities on offer all throughout the day. There are numerous establishments that tourists can enjoy like cafés, restaurants, and shopping areas in the day. For the famous and ultimate Patong Beach nightlife experience, Bangla Road is the place to go. Every night the whole year round, the street is packed full of tourists, locals, vendors, and street performers. Everyone goes in and out of the many entertainment venues along the street as workers or customers or just passersby.

There is always something for someone in Patong Beach, with the various eclectic establishments to choose from. There are other famous venues in and around Bangla Road, ranging from cabarets to naughty clubs, and some good old-fashioned live music bars to huge entertainment complexes like the Tiger Complex. It is an imposing three floors of bars and nightclubs decorated with ornate and huge concrete tigers.

Whether hankering for the busy nightlife or quiet luxury, the best decision for any visitor to Patong Beach is to choose a quiet hideaway for a restful vacation with easy access to the hustle and bustle of the beach town. With the first-class accommodations of the Novotel in Patong Beach, tourists will experience the best of both these worlds.

Single Boat Show Works Wonders For Phuket

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The fourth iteration of the Thailand Yacht Show & Rendezvous (TYS), hosted at the Royal Phuket Marina, managed to be a notable success, with confirmed yacht sales, solid business transactions by the exhibitors present across all sectors, as well as strong visitor numbers across the event’s three-day run, to the benefit of the yachting, tourism and charter boat in Phuket industries.

The Thailand Yacht Show & Rendezvous, organised in partnership with the Thai government, is an international event, a gathering of the major yachting and luxury lifestyle brands from across the world, set in a highly social setting in one of the more famous yachting destinations.

This instance of the event was different, as it brought all competing parties together into a single Phuket boat show for the first time in its history. Previously, there were three shows competing for sponsors with limited resources in order to make them all profitable and sustainable.

Recognising a decisive show of unity, global players joined Thailand’s key marine tourism stakeholders, including a strong attendance from representatives from national and local government, who have all thrown their support behind the event’s four-year mission in order to bring in foreign yacht tourism and grow the industry in the country.

The show’s organiser, Verventia’s CEO Andy Treadwell, says that, despite having only three months to prep, they got a lot of support from both public and private sector this year, with the Thai government giving their total backing for the support and growth of the yachting industry, as well as bring in revenue for local businesses, via altering regulations where needed in order to allow for foreign superyacht charter tourism.

Aquatic tourism in Thailand is more than just diving and taking a charter boat in Phuket, as Bloomberg’s latest global superyacht tracker, which records the movement of superyachts, noted the country as the fourth most popular destination between November 2018 and January 2019, behind only Sint Maarten, St. Barts and Antigua.

Treadwell noted that the single show concept has proven to be effective for the industry, and they’ll continue to work closely with both the Thai government and the private sector in order to get the changes to tax regulations that they need. He said that they plan on building on the success this year to make the 2020 event even bigger.

Enjoying Phuket In A Private Pool Villa Resort & Private Beach

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Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. What first attracted travelers to this island is its natural beauty, making it one of Asia’s top travel destinations. Today, many love to come to Phuket for a high end experience on their vacation. Of course, there will be luxury hotels to accommodate guests; however, if you want some privacy, why not settle for a private pool villa resort & private beach to enjoy the island.

A Luxury Destination to Enjoy

Phuket’s popularity has indeed been a blessing to many travelers who want to enjoy the finest restaurants of the country. The beaches have amazing panorama where you find many resorts and hotels to accommodate you. Surely, there will be a private pool villa resort & private beach if you want to experience privacy and a nice retreat ambiance. The resorts also come with state-of-the-art facilities and villa services. After all, you’re here to enjoy Phuket and a worthwhile vacation.

A Luxurious Beach Life Style

When you spend a day at the Phuket beach, it isn’t enough to leave your towel on the sand and swim in the seawaters. If you have managed a stay in a private pool villa resort & private beach, you can practically do anything under the sun. In Phuket, you can find many beach clubs offering comfort right at the shore. You can also enjoy dining with the best gourmet meals and go nightclubbing with renowned DJs and performers.

Enjoying the Seawaters

When you visit Phuket, you have come to this island to enjoy the seawaters. You go for watersports like snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also get amazing choices of private and chartered yacht and other cruise services. This is the perfect time to go island hopping, especially when you discover what Phang Nga Bay.

Phuket’s Artistic Styles as Souvenirs

In Old Town Phuket, you will find impressive upscale boutiques that offer unique gifts and souvenirs to buy. They feature a wide array of interesting collections of homewares, arts and fashion. Here, you’ll a lso see some architectural attractions that showcase the rich Sino-Portuguese heritage. As you’re definitely in Phuket, you can bring memories of this gorgeous island and the private pool villa resort & private beach where you are booked.