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Can You Dive When You Do Not Know How To Swim?

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If you are planning a diving trip, your best option is to read reviews on websites so that it is easier to find what you are looking for. If you prefer comfortable and air conditioned cabins, Liveaboard Thailand can easily fulfil your requirements. There is plenty of time in between dives for relaxation. Freshly cooked food is served buffet-style in the open dining room.

One of the questions that arose during the rescue of the trapped soccer team and their coach in the ThamLuang cave in Thailand is whether the young boys can learn enough to be able to dive out. According to Mark Crowley Russel, the ability to swim is not as important to diving as the level of comfort.

The first challenge for the entry-level diving course is familiarity with the environment and not technical ability. In the PADI Open Water course, student divers are required to support themselves at the surface without using any swimming aids for a distance of at least 200 meters.

Professional diving instructors know that the fundamentals of diving and the ability to relax in water can be taught in just a few hours. However, there is a great difference between a person who enjoys a shallow reef for an hour and someone who is nervous. It is very likely for an individual to be nervous when he sees the murky waters in the cave but since the trapped kids are very young, there is a feeling of invincibility making them less nervous than adults.

The only way to overcome fear is to stay in the water as frequently as possible. Maintaining neutral buoyancy is aalso priority. For the young boys, it is assumed that there will be a support diver who will hold and operate the equipment at all points but the boys need to learn how to ascend and descend and maintain themselves at the surface if in case they get separated.

By spending the vacation at Liveaboard Thailand you can start to explore the destination that you read in the reviews. You can evaluate whether it is worth the time and investment to return to the Similan Islands for the next vacation with family or friends.

3 Interesting Things To Do On Thailand Liveaboard Trip

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You will never get bored while on a Thailand liveaboard trip. Whether you go solo, with a loved one or with a group, you will always find something interesting to do while staying in a luxurious yacht or houseboat. If you want to make your trip to Thailand a little bit more exciting, take on a liveaboard and experience the following.

Dive and enjoy the waters

If you are into scuba diving, liveaboarding is the exact activity suited for you. The trip involves multiple dives including night dives for more adventurous and professional divers. You get to enjoy and be mesmerized by the colourful marine life of Thailand from underwater through diving or aboard a sea craft. If you want to get diving lessons, it can also be arranged for you to take some lessons onsite which will be handled by professional diving instructors. You can also try surfing, learn sailing or enhance your swimming skills while visiting islands with beaches of powdery sand. Other thrilling water activities that can be had during a Thailand liveaboard trip include wakeboarding, snorkelling, canoeing, whale and bird watching, fishing and many more.

Experience other cultures

Discovering and experiencing other cultures is always an interesting experience. One of the best things about liveaboarding is you will experience Thai hospitality and its local cuisine as they are served while on board. You can expect to have a unique gastronomic experience during your trip as it is one of the highlights of liveaboarding. It is also one way of encouraging customers. Companies offer excellent dishes and meal packages to attract more guests plus their exemplary service delivery.

Socialize with other people

If you are a solo traveller, go on a Thailand liveaboardas it is one sure way to meet other people. If you are travelling on your own, you can go for a solo-friendly trip where you get to share the boat with other guests. Liveaboarding involves going on a boat trip for days so you have ample time to socialize and drink cocktails with new friends or get into nightly parties. Generally, a boat is shared by 9-22 other guests and going liveaboarding means having new 9-22 new friends after the trip.

Holiday Options For The Super Wealthy

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For people who only got their wealth recently, the most common holiday options would be St. Moritz, New York and Monaco but for those who have been living the wealthy life since birth, these places are considered to be crowded for their preference. The truly rich individuals value their privacy the most thus it comes with a price. They prefer exclusive resorts or liveaboard Similan islands where there are no other tourists to see. These locations can give them the privacy they wanted but it might cost a little more than usual.

One of the private resorts they prefer is the Over Yonder Cay which is one of the small islands located in the Bahamas. This island is so exclusive that it is not known to many. It offers a total land area of 72 acres and it has only four villas in the island – South Point, Meridian, East Cove and West Sands. Each can be rented for parties and rental should be a minimum of seven days.

The super rich who love wildlife may choose to visit the Ol Jogi Ranch which is located in Kenya. From Nairobi, there is a flight that lasts for 45 minutes. The whole ranch has 58,000 acres with only a single main building surrounded with standalone cottages. Guests will be able to indulge in the wilderness without being disturbed.

For those who love to dive, the yacht experience is provided by Sunil Bakshi who is a diving enthusiast. He owns a yacht called Live Aboard which can hold 12 people. The yacht will be able to cruise the guests and visit the islands located in the Indian Ocean. The yacht experience comes with a dive boat which offers between three and four dives daily.

For rich guests who are dreaming to see the beautiful islands of Thailand, liveaboard Similan islands are also available for diving enthusiasts. Much like the exclusive liveaboards found all over the world, guests will be exploring the sea without seeing a port until the end of the experience. Yachts can be chartered for those who want exclusive and private stay on the boats.