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Vinyl Records With Hologram Designs

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A Czech-based company, IQ Structures, recently offered optical technology which is said to be better in fighting counterfeit schemes compared to hologram stickers used in making fake ID. The Czech Republic firm specializes in manufacturing nano-scale optics. It claims to be the first to utilize the technology in sonic grooves through embossing the holograms. The sonic groves are the same ones in vinyl record that are responsible in creating music.

The embossed design is not simple for decorative purposes but it is also effective in combating counterfeit schemes. The holograms are claimed to have no negative effects on the sound quality of the vinyl records. The design also helps in keeping the brightness for a longer timeframe.

IQ Structures further added that the technology was the brainchild of GZ Media, the top manufacturer of vinyl disc in the country, as a part of their pilot project. It is now available to be mass produced for the commercial market.

The company said that the replica of the hologram is done directly on the surface of the vinyl and passed all the necessary requirements such as making sure that it lasts a long time and it can withstand mechanical depreciation over time.

IQ Structures explained that the development is a sign that there is a very high chance of holography being used in other industries and applications in the future such as the food industry and it may be embossed on everyday items as well.

The Czech firm’s leader in development, Roman Houha, said that while it is enough to use holographic stickers sometimes, an embossed hologram that is done directly on the protected object has more impact aesthetically and the anti-counterfeit feature is stronger.

He added that while it is a good thing, there are a number of technological issues that must be overcome for every type of application. The company is proud to announce that they have already conquered these challenges on their own application. It is evident that holograms can also be effectively applied on non-traditional materials. While it is common to see holograms on fake ID production, vinyl records are considered to be a new area altogether.