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Electric Vehicles Penetrating The Delivery Market

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There are many things to look forward to in terms of the courier industry. Aside from this, the electric vehicle market is also making a name for itself. When these two are put together, it raises many possibilities. This past year alone, many courier companies including SPH Transport Services are planning to add electric vehicles to their fleet.

One of the most recent news is from Australia Post after its delivery people were seen using electric vehicles for their deliveries. These three-wheeled machines are manufactured locally in Australia. The manufacturer is a facility located in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. The electric vehicle is called the Stealth OzPOD and is currently being tested for a period of five weeks.

For this duration, the residents of Lilydale suburb will be able to see these three-wheeled machines around the neighborhood. According to Australia Post, their goal is to find out how the vehicle will operate when used in various terrains. The plan is for the electric vehicles to be added on the existing fleet of electric vehicles already in use by the courier.

Mitch Buxton, the general manager assigned for network optimization in Australia Post, said that they chose Lilydale because of its ideal location for the trial. The locals are known to shop frequently online and the area is where they deliver most of the small parcels in the past few months.

He explained that majority of the residents are shopping online for various products from media, health and beauty to fashion. The manufacturing of the Stealth OzPOD took 2.5 years before it reached trial phase. The design is specifically catered to the terrain and weather in Australia. It comes with a number of features such as surface measures, safety, gradient measures and stability.

He added that the companies is trying to transform therefore they are catering a higher number of small parcels. This is quite common for couriers in Australia such as SPH Transport Services because more and more Aussies are getting into online shopping and next-day or same-day delivery services. This is why these companies are also keeping up to make sure their clients are satisfied.

What You Need To Know About International Removals In Thailand

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You may just have recently moved with your family from a large Thailand house you’ve lived for several years to a new home you have spent months of renovation. The place may just be a some miles away, but it’s a long journey for packing bags, boxes and crates. To help and give idea on how you should go about with the move, you may wish to hire international removals in Thailand, and save you from all the headaches.

  • Declutter First

To make the room look marvellous for an estate agent to take his sales photos is to declutter. It may mean throwing away the things that you need and want to the nearest cupboard. Once the contract with a buyer is finally done, you need to find ways to clear these cupboards. It may seem exhausting, boring and time-consuming, but once you declutter, you put your house on the market with the highest bid.

  • Dismantle in Advance

To dismantle a bed may take you a lot of time especially if you have to transport it down from the stairs. You need to dismantle them in advance, so you actually pay the price as agreed with your removalist. It really doesn’t matter if you have to sleep on the floor for a week. At least, the removal men will not have a hard time loading your bed.

  • Should You DIY?

You may have a lot of things to relocate to your new home. Choosing international removals in Thailand can readily save you from loads of things to move, without hurting your pockets. They can also provide you an adequate truck or van that can fit all your stuff. Just choose a removalist that gives you a competitive service for a reasonable price.

  • Pack Away Your Purse

Finally, you’re on the transit. You’ll probably be busy moving in and out from the previous house to your new home. It can even get you distracted. So, ensure that you never forget about your handbag, or worse, become a victim of some opportunistic thief. Ensure that you have everything you need in your purse – from cash, credit cards and mobile phones. Besides, you need to pay the international removals in Thailand for their services.

How Courier Quote Can Save You Money For Courier Services

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Nowadays, one has to spend their money wisely and save when needed. If you had to spend something for a courier like buying a new furniture or having things delivered to your customers, the following tips below can help cut the expenses for delivery. In short, you need to get a courier quote to know how much you’ll be spending for it.

  • Get lots of quotes: If you want the best of your delivery, secure a courier quote for all the items you need to be delivered. If you get more quotes, it helps you choose a courier company with the best price. Contact various couriers to give you some quotes and choose among these providers the one that gives a reasonable deal. Usually these quotes will provide the best reduced price.


  • Be more patient: You have to provide a flexible date for your collection and delivery. If the courier passes on your route at least twice or thrice a week, they can possibly give you a lower price on said days. If you are flexible with your dates, you make the pickup time a delivery bargain. Also, if you want to deliver merchandise through couriers on a regular basis, consider holding back few items and have them delivered all at the same time. One huge cost that couriers make is having an empty trip to the collection point from the delivery point. If you have several deliveries in one trip, the courier can save some costs and will pass these savings to you.


  • Ask about the courier quote: If the courier company provides you a quote that is a bit out of your budget, you may ask if they can lower it down. Sometimes, they can minimise the price on certain days to fit their route, or they can choose to bargain it with you. If the courier refuses to reduce the price, you need to check back other quotes that you have received. It’salso a way to determine you’re getting a fair price for the courier services.

The following are helpful tips to get the best savings for all your deliveries without affecting the service quality and how your customers will receive it.