Canada’s Bison Transport Acquires HO Wolding

One of Canada’s biggest trucking companies, handling trucking in Cambridge and across the country, Bison Transport, has recently acquired Amherst, Winsconsin-based dry van company, H.O. Wolding (HOW), which has a fleet of 320 trucks that operate in the Midwestern, Northeastern and Southeastern regions of the US.

Bison Executive Chairman Don Streuber made a statement on the matter, saying that they’re pleased to welcome the people; the driver, staff and partners, from the HOW company to the Bison family. They’ve talked with Don and Dick Wolding, the operators of the HOW group, and they’ve decided that there’s a lot that both companies had in common when it comes to drivers, customers, safety and operational conduct.

Bison Transport President and CEO Rob Penner, says that their acquisition of HOW is a strategic investment in the US’s domestic transportation industry, one that they have to work alongside one of their US subsidiaries; Britton Transport. The aim is to provide a greater scale and provide a wider range of services to their customers, via empowering HOW’s leadership with the expertise, resource and business model of Bison Transport.

Penner says that the people operating at HOW have managed to foster trust from their customers, as well as their drivers, and they want to foster that reputation. Marc Wolding, a third-generation Wolding who’s been in the trucking company for years, he reports, will take the role of HOW President, bringing in his experience, business acumen and leadership, which he demonstrated by helping building HOW’s reputation as a reliable trucking company just like Bison has when it comes to trucking in Cambridge and across Canada, both as a carrier and employer, in their operating region.

HOW ex-president and CEO Don Wolding says that, while Dick and him were discussing the transaction, they’ve agreed that the key factors for sale would be how the culture and operational conduct of the two companies would fit, particularly with how it would help their people. In early discussions with Bison Transport’s leadership, he says, it was made clear that Bison was the right company for them.

Financial details on the transaction hasn’t been revealed to the public.