AI Might Be The Next Video Game Champion

In the most recent development in artificial intelligence, developers were able to create bots that can work as a group in order to beat human players of video games. Humans might have to up their game by watching noccster gameplay in order to avoid being beaten by AI.

According to the latest tweet posted by Bill Gates, bots running on artificial intelligence played as a team against humans. During a game of Dot a 2, the bots team was able to win over the humans. He was all praises for the development as he considers it a big milestone in terms of the improving innovation in artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence bot team was created by a nonprofit company called OpenAI which specializes in AI research. One of the founders of the company is Elon Musk. There were five neural networks used by Open AI for the battle and the team was tagged as the OpenAI Five. The bots team was able to win against a group of human players who are amateurs in the game Dota 2. The same information was posted on the website of the company.

This is only of the instances wherein artificial intelligence was able to defeat the skills and knowledge of humans. It was in 1997 when computers was able to win against human in the game of chess while in 2011 AI was able to compete against humans in a game of Jeopardy wherein the computer won. Last year, professional human players in the game of Go board were defeated by artificial intelligence. One of the most recent developments this month was a debate between a human and an IBM computer in a debate setting.

According to the company, OpenAI Five is able to learn by self-playing 180 years worth of Dota 2 games in a single day. Their goal now is to join and win against human in The International which is a championship game of Dota 2 to be held this coming August. During the event, professional players from all over the world will be participating.Newbie in the game can watch noccster gameplay for tips and tricks in order to get to know the world of video gaming.