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How To Pick Out The Right Removalist Company For Your Move

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According to research, one of the most stressful events in our loves is moving to a new home. There are a lot of things to prepare which makes the process quite dreadful and draining for many. This is why it is best to find a good company that provides furniture removals in Sydney because finding the opposite will only add up to the burden one is already experiencing.

This is what happened to the couple, Clarissa and Tom Campitelli who moved to Sydney from Melbourne. To move to their new house, they needed to transport items from two places –from the house of Tom’s parents and a storage facility. They also hired the company to do interstate delivery.

Due to the costs of hiring a removals company, they decided to find one that will fit their budget. While they consider the costs justifiable, the couple regretted their decision. The truck that was supposed to pick up things from the first location came late because it broke down which threw the entire schedule off as they have to pick up other items from the storage facility. The second pickup was rescheduled a week after moving day.

They had to improvised because they have to fridge to use therefore they had to purchase ice and fill their laundry sink to make sure their food is cold. Aside from the inconvenience, they said that the customer service was very poor. They did not offer to give the couple their money back and there was no update on when they will receive their belongings. A week later, their items were delivered but one box is unaccounted for.

Clarissa admitted that they are at fault to because they failed to verify the company before hiring. They did not try to check for online reviews. Her experience taught her never to go for cheap and rather hire a company with good reputation and have good reviews from previous clients. This is why they want homeowners to look for reputable company that provides furniture removals in Sydney and make sure they have checked the credentials before paying anything.