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Low-income Families And Children In Need Focus Of New Study

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One of the privileges enjoyed by a child from a well-off or a middle class family is Chinese tutor Singapore because these are not cheap. This is an opportunity that not every kid in the country got to experience. This is why the government is starting from the bottom in order to learn how they can help these children and their families.

According to NTUC First Campus which is the top two pre-school operators in the nation, they are going to conduct a study to know the disadvantages experienced by children from unfortunate background and their family as a whole. The study aims to find out how they can be aided.

The study will lasts for three years starting in 2019. The initiative will be collaboration between NTUC First Campus and National Institute of Education (NIE). It will take a look at the current support provided by the operator and how it is making a change in the low-income families and their children.

The start will focus on the well-being of around a hundred children and their learning. This will start in their Kindergarten 1 until they reach Primary 1 which is in 2021. It will also take a look at the difference the assistance had made to the circumstances of the families.

The participating students will be coming from 10 My First Skool facilities, another initiative under KidStart which is aimed to help young children coming from poor families.

Ng Chee Meng, the secretary general of NTUC, made the announcement about the study during her speech at a My First School located in Yung An Road. The study will recruit two researchers coming from NTUC First Campus while the NIE will send forward their six best.

The study will be given a maximum budget of $500,000. The money is expected to be enough to cover the operating expenses. It will not guarantee that the children will have Chinese tutor Singapore but it will make their living situation certainly better than before.

Perth Still Has A Long Way To Go With Recycling

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Australia values recycling and waste removal services, which is why a business handling skip hire in Northern Beaches or anywhere in the country can do well with some work.

According to the annual report released by the Waste Authority, Perth household recycling rates have barely gone up from the levels set in 2010-11.

Household waste accounts for approximately a quarter of all the waste generated in WA, but only 34% of it was recycled in 2015-16, according to the latest waste census results available. This is barely an increase from the 31% recorded in 2010-11.

Current hopes are that further improvements can be seen when the next census results are released before 2018 ends, but it would seem unlikely that the numbers will be closer to the 65% target that the government set for 2020.

The report states that the low rates aren’t about the lack of recycling bins, not about people neglecting to put enough waste in the yellow-lidded bins, and more about people putting the wrong stuff in bins, neglecting to segregate between dirty items and non-recyclables, that any company handling skip hire in Northern Beaches would notice.

The report added that this was a growing concern, and was holding back improvements to the city’s recycling rates. The report’s message on the importance of properly separating waste at home, into the right bins, has not connected with the community as much as the report would like.

Two-thirds of the average household rubbish bin contains food and organic waste, which, when not segregated for composting, generates harmful methane gases in landfills.

The best performing councils, the report says, are the ones that have implemented the use of a third, lime green-topped bin, which is designed for collecting food organics and garden organics, colloquially referred to as FOGO, while the remaining was that’ll go to the landfills is to be put into red-topped bins.

Recently, the WA Greens group urged state government to allocate all of the revenue raised from levy councils pay, usually used to deliver waste to landfills, to be diverted to recycling initiatives.

Currently, only about a quarter of the landfill levy goes to recycling initiatives, with the rest diverted to consolidated revenue.

The WA Greens state that, for years, the major parties in the country have either ignored the waste problem or diverted it to poorer countries, and now, Australia is at a crisis point.

A Cotemporary And Beautiful Hotel In Saigon

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Saigon is a beautiful city in Vietnam. The city is also popularly known as Ho Chi Minh City. The city has a lot of history especially related to the Vietnam War. Saigon is a popular tourist destination and the financial hub of the country.

Owing to its popularity, Saigon has a number of accommodation options to suit different types of travellers. One of the newest five star in the city is Hotel Des Arts, which offers world-class amenities to the guests. The hotel has an artistic feel with a fine blend of French influence and Vietnamese culture.

Location is the main advantage for tourists residing in Hotel Des Arts, Saigon. The hotel is located in the centre of the city and is close to many tourist attractions like, Reunification palace, Central Post office and War Remnants Museum. The hotel is a short,thirty-minute drive from the international airport. There are a number of restaurants, shopping areas and fun spots in close vicinity of the hotel.

Guests are treated like royalty in this boutique hotel. The efficient service staff is friendly and ever ready to help. Travellers staying at the hotel can enjoy amenities like swimming pool, concierge service, rooftop bar, world-class restaurants etc. The beautiful hotel is designed according to the principles of Feng Shui and looks like an art gallery with stunning collection of paintings and antiques.

The rooms in the stunning hotel are well furnished and elegant. The white colour on the walls provides an airy and spacious look. The furniture in the rooms is hand crafted by local artisans and lends a majestic feel to the rooms. The rooms in the hotel are equipped with all the modern amenities like, television with satellite channels, international plug sockets, coffee/tea making machines, bathroom supplies etc.

The hotel has all-day dining restaurant that serves cuisines from around the world. Guests at Hotel Des Arts can enjoy Western and Pan Asian breakfast which includes French patisserie, full English breakfast and also Asian delicacies like, Pho and dim sum. Apart from the restaurant, the hotel also has a café, roof top bar and steak.

The boutique hotel, Hotel Des Arts, is a complete value for money and offers state-of-the art amenities to the guests. The hotel is disabled friendly and family friendly. Go ahead and plan a fun-filled holiday at Saigon.

Five Essential Motorcycle Riding Gear

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Most of the first time bike riders have no idea about the importance of safety gear. Riding a motorcycle can be risky at times. Most experienced riders can have a fall or a slip unexpectedly and using the right safety gear plays a crucial role in protecting the rider.

First time bike buyers are a confused lot, when it comes to picking the right gear. They do not know what to buy. Here are a few essential motorbike protective clothing they should wear.

Motorcycling jackets and pants

These are essential clothing for motorcycle riders. Invest in a good pair of riding pants and jackets. Leather is the obvious choice for many buyers but these clothing items are also available in many textiles like synthetic. Invest in a branded pair of pants and jacket as they are tested for durability and protection.

Body armour

It is recommended to wear riding body armour under your jacket. The armour acts as a motorbike protective clothing and protects you in case of any slides. The body armour should be CE rated as it ensures that it has been tested and confirms with the European standards for protection against impact.


Helmet is an essential accessory for riding motorcycle. Helmet covers the head and protects it from impact in case of accidents.  First time riders can consult experts in motorcycle dealerships or riding gear shops to help them determine the right kind of helmet. Helmets are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Consider the size and shape of your head before picking a helmet.


Boots keep your ankles and feet safe. Bike riders should invest in sturdy shoes with oil resistant and non-slip soles that stay firmly in place on the pedals.


Gloves protect the hands and wrists. They are very crucial accessory for bike riders as they help to maintain the grip. The gloves should complete cover the hand and should neatly tuck in under the cuffs of the jacket.

These are some of the must-have motorbike protective clothing for bike riders. You can find these gear at the reputed motorcycle dealerships or at specialized riding gear shops. Some motorbike renting companies also rent riding gear for the clients.

About Acupuncture in Bankstown

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Acupuncture is a kind of alternative medicine. It uses fine needles and inserts them in the skin at certain parts which are considered to be meridians or energy lines. Acupuncture is used in treating a variety of physical and mental illnesses.

Many people try the method of acupuncture to relieve their pain and other complaints. However, studies show that its effectiveness in other areas is limited. The scientific evidence of acupuncture in Bankstown remains unclear until today. This means that there are still no scientific evidence on its effectiveness and accuracy. There are some people who claim acupuncture works, but other people believe that there is a neurological effect. It remains controversial among scientists and Western medical practitioners.

Acupuncturists use ultra-fine needles and insert them into a person’s body with the purpose of balancing the energy. This is alleged to help boost a person’s well-being and may be able to cure several illnesses.

The method of acupuncture is used to alleviate pain including headaches, whooping cough, blood pressure issues, and many other kinds of illnesses.

How does acupuncture work? Inserting the needles with the right combination into the points of the body is said to restore the flow of energy into its proper balance. However, there is no scientific evidence that acupuncture points or the meridians do exist. It is also difficult to prove that they either exist or do not exist, however, there are studies that acupuncture is effective for some conditions.

Acupuncture is said to be proven by some research institutions to cure cases of lower back pain, osteoarthritis, neck pain, knee pain, migraine, and headache. Other conditions are said to benefit the acupuncture process such as nausea and vomiting which are induced by chemotherapy, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, peptic ulcers, some gastric complaints, painful menstrual periods, allergic rhinitis, dysentery, facial pain, rheumatoid arthritis, morning sickness, sprains, sciatica, tennis elbow, dental pain, reducing stroke risks, and inducing labour.

The World Health Organization also said that acupuncture may also help in the treatment of some infections including urinary tract infections and fever.

The controversial issues on the effectiveness of acupuncture still remain to be proven. People who want to try the method must take precautionary measures first before actually going the process.


Jaguar Covered With Vinyl Stickers For A Cause

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A hospice for children is grateful for the selfless act of a retired businessman when he was able to gather as over £63,000 using his passions for Jaguar cars. Retford resident, Stuart Dizon, was able to raise the money because of people and businesses that wholeheartedly bought vinyl stickers which he willingly displays on his Jaguar XK 4.2 V8. Even the company for NZ sticker printing was in awe of the man’s initiative to help others.

Dizon used to be the owner of Trent Hire but ever since he has decided to use his energy in helping others thus he started the fundraising for the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. The facility is providing essential care to young people who are suffering from terminal diseases all over the area.

The sticker display on his Jaguar started when he made stickers using the names of over 125 youngsters who are currently under the care of the hospice. Despite what he is doing for the facility, he cannot hide his sadness because seven of the young individuals whom he has placed a sticker name on the car has already passed away. It was April of this year when he began the campaign.

According to Dizon, he cannot fathom how the parents felt when they lose their kids at a very young age. He knows that it is a tragic scenario. He even remembers the time when four children passed away within the same week of each other.

There was a woman expressed her desire to have his son’s name as a sticker as well but she wanted a different colour. He agreed and the woman said that she is willing to donate more money for what she is asking. Upon agreeing, the woman tears up because she lost her son when he was only 18 years old.

The Jaguar is eyed by anyone who saw it on the road because the entire car is wrapped in a bright purple wrap that represents the hospice. He has already raised £63,000 but Dizon said, which make NZ sticker printing company even more in awe, is that he is planning to tour eight of his cars all over the United States in order to raise more money.

Buying Suzuki Motorcycles For Sale

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Owning a motorcycle is a precious thing for most people especially those who are motorbike enthusiasts. However, there are many things to consider before you buy a motorcycle. You must take time and effort to search for the kind of brand that suits your personality and activities.

It is always a financial commitment when you buy any kind of vehicle and this includes the purchase of a motorbike. It is a wonderful experience to own and ride a motorcycle because of the thrill and excitement that you get in an open-air feeling the wind that hits all over your face and your body.

There is a wide range of brands that you can choose from which makes it convenient for you to manage your budget and find which brand best suits your personality. One of the most popular brands are Suzuki motorcycles for sale in the market today which have the quality, engineering, and performance you need in a motorbike. These are three of the factors you must consider when buying a motorbike.

Buying a Suzuki motorcycle needs to be thought of as you would with other considerable investments that you make. Its prices are considered reasonable depending on the type and model of your choice.  Suzuki brand is already a household name when it comes to motorcycle stuff, thus, consumers don’t have any issues on the price because the product is all worth it.

Safety aspects in Suzuki motorcycles for sale are assured of. The product passes through a lot of quality checks for the safety of the rider and the public as well. For this reason, one is confident that he is safe and secure with the brand.

Aside from the Suzuki motorcycle that you purchase, there are other things that you need to buy along with your motorbike. These are the gears that you need such as helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, raincoat, and eye gear when you need it. All these are needed by the rider for protection and safety.

Buying a Suzuki brand of motorcycle is always a good investment that one should take pride in. As one of the most popular brands in the market today, you can be assured of a premium quality that goes with the product which makes it a wise purchase.