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First Apartment In Sydney Equipped With Solar Power Saw Reduced Bills

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Co-op Stucco is a student housing apartment built in Newtown, Sydney and was recently equipped with solar power. According to the residents, since the installation of the solar panels and battery, they have noticed the big percentage reduction with regards to their power bills. It has already been a year since the system was installed in Stucco confirmed that the power bills of the residents have reduced to almost 55 per cent. This is because of the fact that the generated energy is greater compared to its usage in the previous year. During the completion of the building, commercial painters in Sydney were hired and the painting remained in good condition despite the installation.

Stucco waited for a year of operation before giving any regarding the system. According to their figures, the system has done some positive change for their residents. In fact, the electricity bills have decreased by 55 per cent with the help of 114 solar panels along with 36 modular batteries from Enphase.

During the previous year, the residents had to pay only $240 worth of electricity bill. There is a big difference compared to the year before that wherein they have to pay $540 since they have been getting electricity from traditional retailer alone. With this setup, the co-op serves as the manager as well as retailer in what is considered to be an embedded network. Which means occupants can buy electricity from them with the condition that there is enough solar energy stored inside the batteries coming from the solar panels.

The project leader is Bjorn Sturmberg while he was still in charge of Stucco. According to him, the results from Stucco showed that it is possible for the apartment sector of Australia to have access to renewable energy which does not hurt the environment. This will also help tenants in the city to reduce their cost of living which is undeniably higher. Gone are the days when only private homeowners can access solar powered system.

Developers planning to develop apartments in the area will have to invest in more than just commercial painters in Sydney if they want to offer more to their tenants.

New Research Shows Big Savings From Food Waste Reduction

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A new research paper, made thanks to the minds of Champions 12.3, gives out a very strong argument for any hotel worth their salt, like any good citrus suites hotel, to reduce their food waste. Data from the paper shows that, with every US$1 invested in food waste reduction, hotels managed to save about US$7 in operational costs.

The paper, titled The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste; Hotels, was an evaluation of financial data for 42 hotel sites, some of which from notable brands like Sofitel and MGM, located across 15 countries, and discovered that nearly every hotel had good returns on investments made to reduce food waste produced. Within the first year of investing in reducing food waste, 21% reductions in food waste produced were seen, with over 70% of the hotels already making profits from their investments. By the next year, the vast majority (at 95%) of the hotels made their money back on the investments.

The investments include food waste monitoring, food handling and storage method training for the staff, as well as designing new menus or revamping the current ones. About 90% of the sites managed to keep their total investments below US$20,00, less than 1% of sales on average, showing that the costs of adapting these changes were quite low, especially when compared to the benefits they brought in.

Champions 12.3’s Chair, Dave Lewis, says that there’s a lot to be done if the world hopes to cut food waste in half by 2030. The report, he says, is clear evidence that reducing food waste isn’t just a morally sound course of action, but an extremely profitable one as well; if CEO’s don’t see the moral value, the financial value is easy to see.

Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit’s Director of Food and Beverage, Lionel Formento, says that he hopes that the industry will see reducing food waste as a big move to be made. He says that Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit prioritized reducing its food waste, as their customers have embraced environmentally friendly ideas wholeheartedly. He hopes that this paper will pave the way for every citrus suites hotel across the world to follow suit.

Approximately a third of all the food produced across the world is never eaten, which has huge consequences on several fronts. Economically, wasted food amounts for US$940B in losses. Environmentally, they’re responsible for 8% of the world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Socially, about 800 million people across the world are lacking in food.

Enjoying Phuket In A Private Pool Villa Resort & Private Beach

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Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. What first attracted travelers to this island is its natural beauty, making it one of Asia’s top travel destinations. Today, many love to come to Phuket for a high end experience on their vacation. Of course, there will be luxury hotels to accommodate guests; however, if you want some privacy, why not settle for a private pool villa resort & private beach to enjoy the island.

A Luxury Destination to Enjoy

Phuket’s popularity has indeed been a blessing to many travelers who want to enjoy the finest restaurants of the country. The beaches have amazing panorama where you find many resorts and hotels to accommodate you. Surely, there will be a private pool villa resort & private beach if you want to experience privacy and a nice retreat ambiance. The resorts also come with state-of-the-art facilities and villa services. After all, you’re here to enjoy Phuket and a worthwhile vacation.

A Luxurious Beach Life Style

When you spend a day at the Phuket beach, it isn’t enough to leave your towel on the sand and swim in the seawaters. If you have managed a stay in a private pool villa resort & private beach, you can practically do anything under the sun. In Phuket, you can find many beach clubs offering comfort right at the shore. You can also enjoy dining with the best gourmet meals and go nightclubbing with renowned DJs and performers.

Enjoying the Seawaters

When you visit Phuket, you have come to this island to enjoy the seawaters. You go for watersports like snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also get amazing choices of private and chartered yacht and other cruise services. This is the perfect time to go island hopping, especially when you discover what Phang Nga Bay.

Phuket’s Artistic Styles as Souvenirs

In Old Town Phuket, you will find impressive upscale boutiques that offer unique gifts and souvenirs to buy. They feature a wide array of interesting collections of homewares, arts and fashion. Here, you’ll a lso see some architectural attractions that showcase the rich Sino-Portuguese heritage. As you’re definitely in Phuket, you can bring memories of this gorgeous island and the private pool villa resort & private beach where you are booked.

A Different Adventure In The Waters Of Thailand

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When you hear Thailand, what comes to mind are pristine beaches, temples and shopping malls. However, before you go to Thailand, remember that there are other adventures you can experience aside from the usual tourist destinations. You can try a sailing trip around the islands through yacht charter in Phuket to enjoy the Adaman Sea and the islands that have not been discovered by mass tourism.

The most popular places in Thailand that tourists are familiar with are Phuket, Pattaya, Ko Samui and Bangkok; however, there is more to Thailand than these places. For example, Koh Chang is one of the largest islands that offer something for all kinds of travellers.

From Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, a traveller can get a connecting flight to Trat, an easternmost province located along the Thai coast. The Trat airport is not your traditional airport that has glass walls and strict immigration and custom clearance officials. Elephant topiary figurines will greet you upon arrival. Its high wooden ceilings, cosy benches and serene ambience will remind you of a grand cottage not an airport arrival lobby.

After leaving the airport, you find food stalls where you can eat homemade sticky rice with chilli, garlic, chicken basil and tea-flavoured ice lolly. The street along the White Sand Beach becomes a makeshift food market at night where vendors sell different kinds of traditional Thai food from meat in skewers to grilled squid and fired insects.

You can start your Thai adventure with the trip to Bangbao, a quaint fishing village which is the main point for those who want to snorkel, scuba dive and enjoy island hopping. Holidaymakers can rent a speedboat to Koh Mak and enjoy the beautiful tropical island of blue waters, white sand and palm trees. At Koh Rang, some of the most amazing underwater corals and vibrant-hued fish can be found.

There are different types of sailing packages available to travellers from yacht charter in Phuket to catamarans. There is a choice between crewed and bareboat charters for day or weekly trips around the islands. For inexperienced travellers, there are crewed trips with a team that will provide all the necessary service for your comfort and convenience.

New Rehab Center To Be Decided By The Mayor

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In Toledo, Ohio, a new rehab center is proposed to be constructed but the voting made by the city council resulted to a tie which means that the current mayor, Wade Kapszukiewicz is going to have to make the decision. This is the very first deciding vote he is going to make since he was voted into office just two months ago. Unlike private facilities such as Los Angeles best rehab, the new rehab facility is going to be funded by the state.

The rehab addiction facility is going to be constructed in District 4 and the voting of the city council was a split – six were in favor while the other six is not in favor.

The next council meeting is happening this April 10 and it is expected that Mayor Kapszukiewicz will have made his vote by then.

According to Nick Komives, a council member, the mayor was the one who made a request to have two weeks to think things over. He thinks the request is a wise move as he will be able to take everything into consideration. The issue of the rehab facility is a controversial one among the residents of Toledo. At the end of the day, the mayor is going to have to make a huge decision.

Yvonne Harper is the council member representing District 4 and the biggest opposition. The facility which is owned by the Unison Health is going to be located in her home turf. She said that her opposition stems from the fact that the facility will only cause additional problem and there are already many rehab facilities in the district.

There are 40 rehab facilities located all over the city and 24 of them are located inside District 4.

Harper added that it is not right to saturate the district. She cited the district represented by Councilman Delaney which only has one rehab facility.

These rehab centers including the Los Angeles best rehab, the purpose is good because it aims to assist those with addiction but there are instances where the center is already used for the sake of profit alone.

Slow Pace Of Home Buying And Selling Not Good For Removal Companies

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The entire relocation process is stressing enough for a family or a business but there are furniture removals in Sydney that will minimize the headache. A team of professional and highly skilled removalists will look after all the removal needs whether for a business or a home. Good old-fashioned service that is very rare nowadays is guaranteed.

Figures from BBC reveal that homeowners are no longer moving as often as they did before the credit crunch. Prices of homes have gone up, getting mortgages have become stricter and seniors prefer to stay in large properties. A few years ago, people move 4 times after their initial purchase of a home; right now, it is more like twice. The trend today is home expansion so that parents can create enough space for a growing family.

Since sales of new homes have gone down, it means less work for removal companies. According to Kieran Whitehead of Osbornes, the removal business is affected because they have fewer customers. Some of the removal companies opted for another industry like storage.

Peter Barlow, a Burnage real estate agent said the people who are planning to put family-sized homes in the market are disappointed after looking at a real estate’s window and saw that very little was on offer. This is a problem for the older generation who want to downsize. They want a bungalow but nothing is available.

Mr. Cook from Savills is concerned about the effects of the economy. People have to spend money when they move because a better job is waiting. Because of the difficulty to make a move, labour mobility is impacted. The most obvious option is to rent which is being done by some even if they own a property. If British homeowners decide to stay put, removal companies may soon be out of business.

Relocation is a time consuming process that is best left to professional furniture removals in Sydney that are trained to avoid scratches and bumps on the valuable furniture. If furniture is not handled properly, damages are very likely to happen. There are instances when the insurance company won’t cover the damages sustained if the move was made without professional help.