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3 Advantages Of Seeking Quotes For Transportation Services

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There are several advantages of seeking cost estimates for your required transportation services. Asking for cost estimates is a common practice in the market, regardless of industry, due to its numerous advantages. If you are in need of a transport service, make time to request for quotes. The request forms can be easily found on the trucking company’s website and companies would normally respond within 24 hours or within specified number of days or hours. A fast response is a positive indicator of good service delivery.

Price and service comparison

One positive outcome of asking for cost estimates is you get to compare prices at one glance including the services of the price. Ask cost estimates from at least five trucking companies. Avoid looking at the cheapest price but consider where you can get more value for your money.

Additional services

When asking for cost estimates, for transportation services from trucking companies would normally send out brochures or electronic newsletters so you get an idea on services that you might have missed out. This also increases business to business (B2B) opportunities between you and the supplier. You also get an idea where you can get services that you might need in the future.

Fosters healthy competition in the industry  

When you request for cost estimates, companies or service providers are made aware that you are seeking quotes from their competitors in the industry. The tendency is for these companies to offer irresistible deals that would ultimately benefit their customers. There are even companies that offer to beat the lowest rate their customers can find in the market.

Convenient business process

One of the most striking advantages of seeking quotes for transportation services is the convenience it provides. Customers like you get to compare different rates without going anywhere and without spending for gas. You just have to send out requests for quotes online and all you have to do is wait for the response. By requesting for quotes online, you also save time and accomplish other tasks that you need to do for your business.

Will The Tourism Industry Of Thailand Be Able Recover?

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The success in the tourism industry of Thailand is expected to remain stable this 2017. This will also continue to be the major reason why the economy of the country will steadily grow despite the assumptions of tourism officials that there will be a decrease in the number of Chinese tourist visiting the country – at least for the first few months.

The government started their crackdown on cheap tour packages September of last year and this has created a negative impact on the number of tourists coming from China. The authorities as well as operators in private tourism business are not concerned though because they believe that the flocks of tourists will eventually return to its usual volume.

According to the Tourism and Sports Ministry, the tourism industry will bring in revenue as much as 2.71 trillion baht for the year 2017. Foreign tourists will be contributing the 1.78 trillion of the total revenue. When this happens, the revenue will grow by 8.5 per cent compared to the figure recorded last year. 930 billion will be coming from domestic tourism which will increase the number by 7.5 per cent in comparison with the figure in 2016.

It was projected earlier that they will earn 2.6 trillion but later changed it which resulted to an increase of 8.2 per cent compared to the expected target last year which is at 2.5 trillion.

International tourists arriving in Thailand is expected to rise up to 35 million for this year. Last year, 32.5 million foreign tourists came to the country.

The economy of the country is now slowly recovering, thanks to the measures done by the government as well as the investment that has entered the country in terms of massive infrastructure projects. This will be the reason why the tourism in Thailand will continue to grow. According to the prediction made by the Fiscal Policy Office, the economy of Thailand will increase by 4 per cent for this year.

Tourism plays a great role in the economy of a region thus tours such as in Thailand and South America Tours are being promoted in order for the countries to benefit.

The Role Of Social Media In Making Death Less Morbid

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The idea of social media is to enhance communication and interactions among people but unexpectedly, social media became a platform for almost all aspects of life. Social media has changed the way that people talk and plan about death. In fact, some Facebook friends can setup a memory of pages to remember a friend that passed away.

Facebook has become a forum for an exchange of ideas about death to make dying less morbid. It made people more comfortable talking about death which was taboo decades ago. Twitter, on the other hand, has provided a place for people to talk about issues relating to bereavement and grief. Such posts can be re-tweeted or liked from a safe distance.

An outpouring of grief and condolences were tweeted in response to the reported deaths of George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. More than 4 million tweets connected people from all over the world.

A report entitled “Making the Most of Life” showed a significant change on how people say their condolences to grieving families. 50% still use the traditional condolences while 22% are more inclined to post their condolences and messages through social media. The report also revealed that the 20 to 39 age groups are more comfortable posting their condolences through social media with almost a third (31%) opting to do so. The older generation composed of people who are 60 years old and above are more likely to include a sympathy card to their post (69%).

Traditional headstones are no longer the trend because only 32% prefer to be remembered through this option. At least 6% wish to be remembered through a virtual space in the internet for the purpose of being remembered. Another growing trend is using the internet for funeral planning. Many people search comparison websites to determine the price for funeral arrangements.

When a family member or friend has passed away, the best support and assistance can be provided by Funeral Homes in Sydney. Whether the choice is cremation or traditional burial, the funeral homes will help in ensuring that everything proceeds as smoothly and comfortable as possible for the grieving family.

Renovation Surprises Blowing People’s Budget

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Property renovations can include hidden costs which homeowners do not have the budget allowance for. So, before home or property renovations are started, be ready for these unexpected expenses.

Hidden damage

According to Archicentre, which is The Australian Institute of Architects’ building advisory and its design service, smaller than 40% of the home buyers have their property go through inspections before they purchase.

Archicentre manager Michael Appleby said that it is highly important that these home buyers are aware of a property’s condition prior to buying to prevent risking their bank balance.

Some of the usual problems or defects that are found by Archicentre’s inspectors are termite infestation, the need for a property to be re-stumped, the need for wiring and plumbing to be replaced, and structural issues.

Damp issues and asbestos removal are some that lead to hidden costs, too.

According to Rich Harvey of the Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Association of Australia (REBAA), there are many terraced homes which have problems with increasing damp in Melbourne and Sydney.

He said to be careful with increasing damp particularly in 80- to 100-year old properties. He recommended to check the paint work for any discolouration at the architraves or paint bubbling which is an evidence of extra moisture.

Structural issues

Drew Hamilton, who is PH+ Architects’ director, suggested that clients should consider a contingency of a minimum of 10% of construction costs in order to cover unexpected costs.

Hamilton said that the primary scope for surprise costs in terms of renovations are the unknowns related to dealing with existing buildings.

Permit fees

When homeowners start any addition to homes, they need to check with a local council for approvals needed, according to Jenny Williams, who is an interior designer from Sydney’s Creative Style that specializes in new builds and renovations.

The council has the power to have homeowners remove unapproved works, and it also affects selling when every relevant approval was not obtained from a certifier or the local council.

Summing up

It is really advantageous, as examples, to ask for council approvals before starting home projects or to have Termite Inspections in Sydney prior to purchasing a new home. These are all so headaches, hassles and especially hidden costs are prevented.

To Buy Or To Hire Marquees

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Duncan Moore goes to investigate the best time to invest in a marquee for a venue.

Marquees for any venue

For venues that need to offer covered spaces, marquees are a great choice. Marquees, known also as soft tops or pole tents, and referred as temporary demountable structures (TDS) in the marquee industry, can be erected and taken down quickly. With its modular nature, size is very variable to fit any occasion, too.

The decision to use a marquee for host functions also proves as cost effective in comparison to having a permanent structure. However, at what certain point will it make sense to buy a marquee than continue using services of a hire business, such as a Marquee Hire in Sydney?

A financial decision

This decision is mainly a financial one. So, which option offers the best value? When a marquee is needed only once or twice in a year, then hiring is the best decision. The fees for hiring a marquee for only several events are going to be relatively lesser than costs of purchasing outright.

According to Daniel Hill, who is the founder of catering and event management firm Dine that has a portfolio of private events, as well as marquee sites all over the United Kingdom, for smaller events having six events each year, he recommended collaborating with any local marquee company, since this is more cost effective, and they can offer expert knowledge in terms of what may be done in a land.

However, he said that when a marquee is needed regularly for a similar venue, then it is better to do a purchase. Gill said that for longer term business plans, purchasing a marquee can become more beneficial. For him, the utmost thing to consider is having a planning permission and not buying without this. However, he added, that when a marquee is purchased, it allows lower hire fees to be charged to a client in comparison to a price they are going to pay on hiring one independently.

He advised to research when either renting or buying, since there are many things to consider for these marquee events, such as how a structure is going to be placed while taking advantage of a location, and where the services are going to go, which includes parking, water and waste drainage and more.

Video Content – A Marketing Trend To Watch Out For This 2017

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Based on the results of a recent study, it was estimated that an average internet user spends at least one-third of this time watching videos. From these statistics, it is clear that consumption of video content is on an upward trend. In 2016, online video ads were the trend with online users exposed to at least 32.2 videos per month. 2017 looks to be another promising year for video content and marketers should take notice of this form of innovative marketing.

Video content that will trend in 2017

Videos on multiple platforms – the number of internet connected devices have increased over the past years. This has led to an environment where consumers have multiple devices that can be used to watch video content. According to a report from Think with Google, at least 85% of adults between 18 and 49 years old own multiple devices which they use simultaneously. Marketers must ensure that video content is easily accessible on different kinds of devices for 2017.

Video content on Facebook – it cannot be denied that Facebook remains to be the most popular social media platform. In the last couple of years, Facebook has invested heavily on video so that views increased from 1 billion to about 8 billion. When Facebook Live was launched, it cemented the platform’s status as a global online influencer. In 2017 it is expected that more Facebook users will be sharing and posting Facebook Live videos.

360 degree videos – is a new innovation that has been well received by online users. According to Magnifyre 28.8% and more watches 360 video compared to those who viewed the traditional version. 360 degree videos provide viewers with a more realistic experience particularly for the real estate industry. Businesses should take advantage of the opportunities of reaching their audience through 360 degree video marketing this 2017.

Changes occur frequently in online marketing that it has become somewhat daunting to cope up. Stay up to date with marketing innovation by outsourcing marketing campaigns to skilled and experienced teams. Your online marketing campaign will be properly managed to accommodate any changes in customer behavior and preferences.

A Lot Of Room For Growth

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Despite the uncertain economic status of the country, Thailand is still welcoming a lot of new establishments for the year 2017 such cultural landmarks, shopping complexes as well as luxurious hotels. For shopping destinations, here are some projects to look forward to.

  • Scheduled to be open to the public before the year ends. The project is worth 50 billion baht located in Charoen Nakhon Road. Once the project is finished, it will have two shopping complexes, lifestyle attractions as well as two condo buildings for residential purposes. It will have a total area of 525,000 square meters which will feature both the Iconsiam and Iconluxe.
  • CentralPlaza Mahachai. This project will be finished by the fourth quarter of this year. It will have around 300 stores and it has a total land area of 170,000 square The store can be found at Rama II and consumers will have a lot of options in terms of food destination.
  • CentralPlaza Nakhon Ratchasima. Set to open in September. This project is designed for mixed use which will feature convention hall, park, shopping centre, outdoor lifestyle market and hotel. It covers a total land area of 355,000 square meters and it will be the 31st branch of the Central Empire. The project can be found on Mitrapap Road.
  • Central Phuket. This is another branch of Central which will open in December. It will be dominating the main road of the island and will offer around 700 shops in two different buildings that are connected only by a sky-link that features an automatic walkway.

Aside from shopping centers, there are also a lot of luxury hotels opening in Thailand this year. Here are some of the most awaited ones.

  • Marriot Marquis Bangkok Queen’s Park. This is the very first hotel in Thailand that is designed by Marquis. It is located in Sukhumvit 22 and had its soft opening last December. The project boasted 1,360 rooms and suites, 3 ballrooms and 30 meeting chambers.
  • The Edition Hotel. The New York branch of this hotel is known as a design hotel and has over 270 rooms and suites. The Thailand branch will have now have its own version of design hotel in Bangkok with 155 rooms as well as a lot of space meant for public spaces. This project is termed as the Bangkok Edition.