Beverage Can Industry Transitions From Steel To Aluminium

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Large investments are being made to aluminium manufacturing because the industry for beverage cans is converting from steel to aluminium. Most of the heavyweights in the beverage can industry that include ABinbev, Coca Cola Southern Africa, Nampak Bevcanand Hulamin have invested more than $94 million since 2013 towards the transition to aluminium cans.

The recycling industry is rejoicing because the transition to aluminium cans will increase recycling volumes. According to a report from MetPac-SAthatthat represents the interests of local metal packing industry, the recycling rate for used beverage cans in South Africa increased significantly from 18% in 1993 to the present 72%. Recycling of aluminium beverage cans allow people to earn additional money to supplement their income.

Nampak Bevcan has commissioned the first aluminium beverage can production line in South Africa at its Spring plant. This will complete the transition from steel to aluminium beverage cans in the coming years. Initially, only two production lines were running but to meet demand another operational line was added. The 3 lines allowed the production of eight can sizes at maximum speeds of up 3,000cans/minute. The old tinplate lines used to produce 1,600cans/minute.

Hulaminis considered as the only South African company that has the capability to produce aluminium sheets that can be used by Nampak for the production of beverage cans. Traditionally, 95% of Hulamin’s aluminium came in the form of virgin aluminium ingots but now it has a recycling facility that recycles used aluminium cans. The facility also includes scrap storage, sorting, cleaning and melting.

South Africa hopes to replicate the successes of Brazil when it comes to recycling. Brazil leads global can recycling at the rate of 97.9%. In Brazil, you will not find aluminium cans in landfills because they are recycled. They have streamlined the process of recycling so that most of aluminium’s value will be passed on to the collectors.

The growth of aluminium manufacturing is very apparent in many countries to meet growing demands. Aside from beverage cans, aluminium is used for various consumer products that include windows, doors, curtain walls for buildings and store fronts, heat sinks, automotive parts, cases, frames and pipes.

Advantages Of Home Office In Ramintra

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Working from home is the latest trend among those who want convenience as they earn income. Online jobs have become a by-word among contemporary workers who only need internet access and computers to deliver the tasks expected from them. To meet all the requirements that will promote the fulfilment of your job and at the same time, enjoy the comforts of home, a home office in Ramintra is what you should be looking for.

A home office is suitable for those who need to work remotely in Bangkok but do not have a residence in the city. By having a home office, you get to pay for a home and office space thereby reducing your living expenses. Aside from that, here are additional advantages that you can experience by choosing a home office.

  • Eliminate long commute and heavy traffic. Because your office space is just a floor away, you can wake up 30minutes before your meeting or log in time and you will never be late. More so, you can take a good nap after lunch or take a rest whenever you want to, if you have a home office in Ramintraor in your preferred area.
  • Saves transportation costs. By working in a home office, you no longer have to allocate budget for your transportation or fuel. All in all, you could save up to 55% on your transportation costs.
  • Higher productivity. The good thing about having a work office is that they are designed to meet your office needs while providing total comfort for your rest at the end of the day. Home offices are equipped with high speed internet, telephone, office furniture and other facilities that would make the area even more conducive for working. As a result, you get higher productivity and you get to accomplish tasks faster.
  • By having a home office in Ramintra, you get utmost convenience in a way that you no longer have to dress up heavily just to look presentable before your colleagues and clients. At the end of the day, what will matter is how productive you are and the things that you have accomplished within the day.

New Thailand Policy To Address The Rights Of Migrant Workers

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One of the most difficult challenges faced by Human Resource offices is human capital management in Thailand to maximize productivity and performance efficiency. If a proper system is in place, it will minimize possible errors and mishaps making it easier to manage and operate everything in an organization.

Human capital is very important for Thailand businesses because employee skills and knowledge can provide long term value to an organization. The current government policy of Thailand aims to create a more systematic and efficient management of migrant workers. While the implementation of Royal Ordinance on Foreign Workers Management has been postponed, it will eventually come into effect within the next 4 months.

The policy hopes to solve the serious issues on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in Thailand otherwise importers will face substantial penalties. According to EU regulations on marine fisheries products, exporters to the EU must follow the IUU regulations. Another challenge that the policy will address is human trafficking. Many migrant workers to Thailand do not have work permits and they are usually the victims of human trafficking. They are also very vulnerable to abuse.

The new policy will provide the necessary protection to migrant workers who are often exploited, marginalized and exploited. Under the new policy, migrant workers will be given the opportunity to be registered in the formal system so that they will not be deprived of their rights or exploited by human traffickers and employers.

The new migrant worker policy may not totally eliminate human rights violations but the government will undertake all efforts to improve the rights and legal status of migrant workers. Changes in Thailand labor migration regulations and practices will be in line with international standards that protect the rights of migrants. More policies will be formulated to facilitate the implementation of the new migrant worker policy.

In order to be competitive, it is important for companies and organizations to address human capital management in Thailand because the specific competencies of every employee can be a valuable asset. There are tools that HR offices can use in workforce acquisition, human capital management and optimization of their knowledge and skills.

Things To Consider For London Long Term Rentals

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If you are going to stay in London for a few months to years, it would only be practical to find a place for you to stay such as those that offers London long term rentals for students, young workers and professionals. To stay in a conducive and comfortable apartment or flat, here are some things you might want to consider.

Space size

There are flats that are only suited for a single occupant while there are flats or apartments that are suitable for a small family. Choose the right size apartment for you to be comfortable. You can check websites that offer apartment units around London to find a place that can meet your size requirements. Consider also the things and furniture that you might want to place in the unit for space estimation. You can also find units that are fully furnished so you won’t have to worry about buying a new set of furniture.


There are London long term rentals that are bare while there are those that are already fully furnished. The good thing about renting an empty unit is you will only place furniture and items that you need. This saves you space and clutter unlike with furnished units where you get furniture and appliances that you might not actually need. However, the good thing about furnished units is that all you have to do is transfer to the place and not worry about what you are going to use when you move to the place.


Choose a unit that is closest to where you need to be while in London. This saves your time and money for local transportation and also offers more convenience. Pick a conducive environment or away from traffic and street noise.


Considering all the factors mentioned above, choose a unit among London long term rentals that is suited to your budget. Find out where you can minimize your living expenses without compromising the quality of your stay. Book in advance to ensure that you will have a unit to transfer to on the day that you need it.

3 Tips In Hiring PD Drives And Patios Ltd For Fencing Concerns

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Whether you want to install a new fence or replace an old one for a more reliable perimeter fence, hire a reputable installer such as PD Drives and Patios Ltd for a more satisfying result. You can find a lot of installers in your area and you can even find these installers on the internet. However, to ensure that you will get your money’s worth, consider the following ideas in hiring an installer.

Check the license and insurance

Choose a fence installer who is license to conduct projects in your area. This will give you the peace of mind that you are dealing with a trained and qualified team of installers such as the PD Drives and Patios Ltd. In the event that your property is damaged or you are not satisfied with the results, you can file a complaint against the installers to the proper body if they did not repair or resolve the issue.

Consider field expertise

Prefer a service provider that has been in the industry for more than 10 years. This way, you can be sure that the installer has ample experience and expertise in terms of installing or replacing fences. It would also be best to choose a contractor who can deliver other related services such as driveway or tarmac installation, garden enhancement, tree trimming, brick works, lighting solutions and many others. Aside from that, a good service provider must know how to analyse the needs of the project, the materials and the specific skills required to complete the project successfully. Find out if the installer utilizes modern equipment and latest techniques to deliver the job.

Ask for free cost estimates

To get an idea on how much you are going to budget for the project, ask for free cost estimate from PD Drives and Patios Ltd and also from other installers for comparison purposes. The cost estimate should come with no obligation and it would be best if the service providers would offer to visit your area for site inspection. Hire an installer that collects reasonable fees for their services and one that knows how to utilize the materials efficiently.

How To Have Effective Office Fitouts In Canberra                      

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Contemporary office settings have cubicles, partitions and divisions. They promote certain level of privacy that helps team members to work on with more concentration. The overall design of offices and commercial spaces in terms of their interiors, is called fitouts. With the right office fitouts in Canberra, interiors and its space are maximized resulting to better performance and higher productivity among employees. To come up with impressive office fitout, hire a team of experts in the industry to handle the project. Here are some tips for an effective officefitout.

Choose a good design

An effective office fitoutcan be achieved by having an excellent design for the area. Picture out how you want your office interior to appear including all the other elements such as your office equipment, furniture, partition and such. You can choose to have full partitions for staff who need more privacy and those who require more concentration. Full partition is also recommended among those who handle critical documents. Those who need to constantly coordinate with other members of the team can have half partitions or even open divisions. Include in your design where you are going to place your meeting rooms, break out area and other parts of your office. Indicate where your cables, pipes and wires are located. By hiring experts in office fitouts in Canberra, your project will be easily implemented.

The need for project manager

One of the factors that would make your project successful is having a qualified project manager who will manage the project. The project manager should have a good background in office design and has the experience to put all the elements into satisfying results. The project manager should also handle the purchase of suppliesand ensure that activities in the office would not be interrupted negatively.

Hire a reputable contractor

Hiring the right contractor to conduct office fitouts in Canberra is essential to ensure positive results for the project. A reliable service provider would know how to implement the project while considering your design and while being efficient with the supplies. Choose a contractor that has been in the industry for more than 10 years and one that has positive reviews from customers.

Facility For Blue Box Design Funded By McLaren Packaging

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McLaren, a company known for manufacturing spirits packaging, decided to fund worth $3 million in order to create a new facility to be used by Blue Box Design which is a subsidiary of McLaren located in Stirling. The new facility will be utilized for the company’s manufacturing of packaging boxes used in luxury food items as well as beverages. This is not your usual packaging boxes online as it is made to cater the luxury sector.

The project is supported through a grant provided by the Regional Selective Assistant. Through this, they will be able to construct a facility that spans 20,000 square feet. Its operations will cover manufacture, design as well as testing of the products. The site will be located at Broadleys Business Park and they are expecting that it will be completed by April of 2018. In the four years after its completion, there will be 18 job vacancies.

Blue Box Design was bought by McLaren in 2013 and it currently has 30 workers that are earning the company €1.4 million in revenues every year. The managing director of Blue Box is Duncan Robertson and he said that the facility to be constructed is going to help them shorten the usual time it takes them to accomplish the process between concept and delivery. This is important since the company specialized in presentation packaging that is purely made by hand.

He added that their production capacity will increase thus they will be able to maintain employees that are highly skilled in the field. They are also expecting to offer more jobs for locals in central Scotland. They are targeting young people who have skills in creating luxury packaging and have the potential to excel in the industry.

The company believes that a facility located in the centre of Scotland will be a big advantage for the company in the long run as it is situated in the middle of Glasglow and Edinburgh.

Last year, the company also invested in equipment such as machines for box wrapping and digital cutting equipment which is the same one used in packaging boxes online which makes manufacturing faster.