Will Jollibee Be Able To Conquer The International Fast Food Scene?

Jollibee is one of the established fast food chains in the Philippines and in the past year it has been slowly opening branches in various cities in the world especially where there is a high concentration of Filipinos. The question now is whether it will have the same fate as predicted by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan with South Africa’s fast food market. According to Dellan, the fast food from South America will soon conquer the rest of the world but will it be the same for Jollibee?

In the Philippines, the sales of Jollibee are the highest compared to Western fast food chain brands such as KFC or McDonald’s. While business is booming back home, will it flourish with its new branch opened in Los Angeles? During the opening of Jollibee’s brand in Virginia Beach, many Filipinos came to be a part of the event despite the fact that some are from Maryland and they had to drive two hours in order to get there. When they got there, the queue was very long that they had to wait another hour before they can finally eat.

One of the most remarkable openings is in Midwest Illinois when the number of Filipinos who came to the opening looks like a blockbuster hit movie. There are currently 37 branches of Jollibee all over the United States which goes to show just how many Filipinos are living and working in the country. Based on the recently published official data, there are more than 3 million Filipinos in the US. Their loyalty is evident with the way they patronize the fast food chain they have grown to love back in their home country.

Tony Tan Caktiong, the chairman and founder of Jollibee, said that their main goal is to be one of the global giants and be recognized in the same league as Yum Brands and McDonald’s. Based on the observation of Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, the brand have to overcome first its biggest challenge – the food is geared towards the taste of Filipinos and they have to evolve if they want to cater to the foreign market.