Video Content – A Marketing Trend To Watch Out For This 2017

Based on the results of a recent study, it was estimated that an average internet user spends at least one-third of this time watching videos. From these statistics, it is clear that consumption of video content is on an upward trend. In 2016, online video ads were the trend with online users exposed to at least 32.2 videos per month. 2017 looks to be another promising year for video content and marketers should take notice of this form of innovative marketing.

Video content that will trend in 2017

Videos on multiple platforms – the number of internet connected devices have increased over the past years. This has led to an environment where consumers have multiple devices that can be used to watch video content. According to a report from Think with Google, at least 85% of adults between 18 and 49 years old own multiple devices which they use simultaneously. Marketers must ensure that video content is easily accessible on different kinds of devices for 2017.

Video content on Facebook – it cannot be denied that Facebook remains to be the most popular social media platform. In the last couple of years, Facebook has invested heavily on video so that views increased from 1 billion to about 8 billion. When Facebook Live was launched, it cemented the platform’s status as a global online influencer. In 2017 it is expected that more Facebook users will be sharing and posting Facebook Live videos.

360 degree videos – is a new innovation that has been well received by online users. According to Magnifyre 28.8% and more watches 360 video compared to those who viewed the traditional version. 360 degree videos provide viewers with a more realistic experience particularly for the real estate industry. Businesses should take advantage of the opportunities of reaching their audience through 360 degree video marketing this 2017.

Changes occur frequently in online marketing that it has become somewhat daunting to cope up. Stay up to date with marketing innovation by outsourcing marketing campaigns to skilled and experienced teams. Your online marketing campaign will be properly managed to accommodate any changes in customer behavior and preferences.