Vets Warned Pet Owners About Rising Temperatures

Perth vets recently made a public announcement to all locals to be aware of the rising temperature which reached 40C and even hotter in some days. This high temperature is dangerous for animals. Pet lovers do everything for their pets such as installing Perth security screens therefore they should be aware that too much heat is not good.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, last weekend saw the mercury climb as high as 41C. This is the first time that the temperature for this year has surpassed the 40C threshold.

Murdoch Animal Hospital’s senior lecturer working at the small animal critical care, Dr. Claire Sharp, said that the temperature might cook dogs as well cats if there is no shade available or if there is no way for the animals to bring the temperature down. She said that it takes no time for the animals to experience the side effects of too much heat such as severe neurological problems leading to coma and seizure. Symptoms begin with panting then moves on to bleeding.

When an animal suffers heat stroke, their organs could shutdown and kidney failure is the most common. Heat stroke happens when the rate of generating heat is faster than losing it.

As per Dr. Sharp,the breeds that are most commonly affected by heat stroke are French and English bulldogs because their upper airway is not normal. As for cats, Himalayan and Persian are the more prone.

If you have a Labrador or a golden retriever, make sure that they are well tended to because their thick coats along with their playful characteristic is a recipe easily susceptible to heat stroke.

Dr. Jill Griffiths, the emergency care supervisor at the Murdoch Animal Hospital, said that when the temperature rises at the beginning of the season, animals are not able to adjust well with the heat yet.

Owners should prioritize Perth security screens for their pets to make sure the animals do not roam around outside where the heat might be too much for them to handle. As final reminder, it is not recommended for pets to be left inside cars or open places with no shade.