Removalist Could Cost $10,800

Moving to a different city is going to get more expensive in Australia.

Current pay rates for removalists

Unaware Australians may find themselves soon opposing the Fair Work Ombudsman when they are unsuccessful in paying their self-employed removalist the right amount under the contentious current minimum pay rates.

The focus lies mostly on the impact that the order from the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal is going to have on thousands of the country’s owner-drivers.

Grace Collier, a media commentator and an industrial relations consultant, highlighted one of the more instant effects on the Australian consumers in The Australian.

From this Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Road Safety Remuneration Order 2016, also known as 2016 RSRO, the contractor drivers who are self-employed, as well as the furniture removers and couriers, should be paid based on “safe rates.”

This Order is applicable to those journeys which are longer than 500 kilometres, and those journeys which are longer than 200 kilometres through state borders. This means that for someone who hires a removalist to move stuff from Canberra to Sydney, as an example, they are going to require familiarisation with the 2016 RSRO’s Schedule B.

The FWO already confirmed that someone who fails to pay a proper rate can result to getting subjected to investigation, prosecution, and can be fined to about $10,800.

Collier wrote that for someone that thinks there are breaches of this order happening, they may anonymously have the removalist be subjected to a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation.

She added the even the businesses report their competitors every time, especially if they believe that their competitors are getting market share and should be undercutting the prices.

She further explained that when this happens, this is going to be a huge hassle, as the Fair Work Ombudsman inspectors may go inside the premises without permission or warrant. They may also show up at a workplace, do some interviews, inspect the documents and get copies. Aside from this, they also have legal power to ask for personal information and evidence.


Even if self-employed removalists doing home removals in Sydney or in other parts of Australia are subjected to this new order, there is still no doubt how asking help from removalists to move places is hassle-free, so homeowners will really need to read up regarding this new scheme.